Why I haven’t been posting anything lately

Time is precious. That’s why we measure it. Hours, minutes. Days, years. Moments.

That’s my Father’s Day watch in the photo as some of you will know.

I have been wearing it constantly for the last four or so days, because I need that.

Because my little boy is now sick — and it turns out he has Leukaemia. He is having treatment, but it’s very early days, and all happened so seemingly very fast.

Our life — his, my wife, mine we are a tight little unit, not to mention grandad, aunts etc — has changed and will keep changing. Now I am tracking time differently.

I am glad he is so cheerful by nature. He’s doing pretty well, all things considered.

A week ago he was normal, but tired and with achy legs.

This week we are scared and sad and in hospital, and finding much hope in the work the Doctors and Nurses are doing.

I won’t be on much I expect, but am not fussed about not hitting my WRUW photo badge.

All I want is more time, more time being Daddy.

And he has had so little time, comparatively, and deserves more.

So we will fight for it.

I would appreciate it if you could keep us in your thoughts.


Well said


You all hang in there. Nothing hurts like a sick child. Thinking of you.


Sorry to hear about your struggles. You all, are in my thoughts.


You will be in my prayers.


Bless him, wishing you all a healthy happy future ❤️


Wishing you and your family strength during this time.


I hope your son’s situation improves quickly.

You and yours will be in my thoughts 🙏🏻


You and yours will be in our thoughts. I hope your dear son returns to health. 🙏


Your family will be in my prayers as well. Hope your boy will recover sooy🙏🙏🙏


You carry my deepest most sincere wishes, I cannot even think of all the wonderful persons in my own life who have battled the killer C, not always successfully. My wife will always worry when she visits the clinic each year to check for traces or return of the mutant cells in her body, I cannot breathe until we receive cautious good news after each test. Our younger daughter presented us with a beautiful first grand daughter in October but our joy was guarded since her husband’s older sister having battled cancer was laid to rest on Friday. I wish for your son only the most hopeful recovery! ❤️