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Turtle Power On the Wrist

Remember to use hashtags #worldturtleday and #shellebrate with your Turtle and non Turtle WRUW posts today. Thanks to all for participating

Turtle Power On the Wrist

Hey community!! Did you hear?! 👀 On May 23rd of every year we celebrate and dedicate to our friends, the turtle, and tortoise. 🐢 Not only is World T...

80s Retro JDM

Those of you who know me, will have an inkling of my penchant for diminutive wrist candy and yes.. I've bought another one. It's my first JDM and prob...

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commented on CountStrapula's WRUW ·

Where have you been hiding @mingogo.teng ? I bet you don't know #tinytuesday (shameless plug for tiny watches) is a thing either. I seem to recall you have a little Casio (Illuminator?) that would fit the bill 🤔

commented on hakki501's WRUW ·

Your Columbia seems to love the outdoor shots, Hakki. It's great seeing this rare watch on rotation 🤣

commented on DocBilly46's WRUW ·

Really? I see myself as sweet, innocent and wholesome 😇

commented on DocBilly46's WRUW ·

I didn't bother about abstinence when I was at school 🤷🏻‍♂️

commented on Yonder's WRUW ·

I do love the Simpsons

commented on drcarter13's WRUW ·

No problem with your tardiness, Danilo. I credit my knowledge to a wasted but fun education. I just hope I don't have @whystopatone jumping in and telling me I'm wrong with the accreditation 😎

commented on mingogo.teng's WRUW ·

That's right.. I fantasised over that image for days 🤭

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Mr Santana mod Seiko

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The Tank That John Built

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Another Vintage Watch

Timex Automatic Viscount 1956/7  I'm pretty sure I said back in January “no more watches”. Ha! That didn't last long.   Here is my latest acquisition....

Macy's Bulova

I know this is practically an unknown concept on the Crunch, but I've recently sold some of my watches that have not been getting a great deal of wris...

Timex at the Golden Globes

I just spotted this article and thought some of you may be interested. It seems Will Ferrell is a watch collector (and why not), and at his latest out...