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Introducing the anti travel sickness watch 馃あ

Does anyone else wear those Velcro wrist strap things that press on an acupuncture point to stop travel sickness? I wear them at sea, but a couple of...

Travelin' Man

The campervan is packed (it's called Blue Yonder and you can see it on my profile page), and we're all set to hit the road again tomorrow. We're headi...

Watch crystal protection. Yay or Nay?

I saw a posting on #gshock asking about screen protectors for GS watches. Obviously the concensus was why bother. I mean why would you? It would be a bit like wearing a belt with braces (suspenders fo...

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Yonder commented on watchguard77's WRUW

It's so refreshing to see an Amphibia without the scuba dude, or submarine, or battleship, or anything else I've forgotten.

Nice clean watch 馃憤

Yonder commented on MrGeod's WRUW

I have to admit it is so tempting to get one of these to keep my PD Explorer company 馃榾

Yonder commented on Yonder's WRUW

Don't worry, I'm far from being a parvenu 馃槀

Yonder commented on Fieldwalker's WRUW

I don't know which one I like most... who can blame you for wearing both on the same day 馃憤

Yonder commented on Hendrik's WRUW

That is an incredibly beautiful watch

Yonder commented on Miss this big blue beauty. Great watch, but no longer in the collection!

That does look big.. or maybe you've got small wrists.

Nice watch though 馃憤

Yonder commented on Unique Multi-use Timex

Great find

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A new arrival

A new Timex (well, new to me) arrived in the post today. A 38mm Weekender on an Olive single pass strap. I imagine it's the original. I only have a co...

Should there be a #Homage badge

There are over 500 posts in the #Homage section. Do you think it's time we had our own badge. If yes, I think somebody should create a badge on the Fight Club theme 馃槈 To save all the debates, we could...

Pagani bracelet

When I bought my Pagani Explorer Wannabe, I didn't take to the bracelet and very quickly swapped it for a nato. To my mind, it's a better look and det...

Casio makes it tough for us

Tough choices to be made today. I feel it's a Casio day, but which one. On the one hand (or wrist, if you like), there's my GW M5600BC which for more...

What! No badges

Why doesn't the Pagani forum have a badge for contributors? Pagrne could be used if Pagani is an issue.

My wife doesn't understand me

This arrived in the mail yesterday. It had been in my Amazon basket for a while and when I saw they had knocked 12% off the price I couldn't help myse...

Pagani + Pagrne

Whilst browsing Amazon I stumbled across homage divers by Pagrne. Are these rebranded Paganis? Perhaps Pagani has become so good they have homage desi...