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Finally got my Fluco strap!

I鈥檓 elevating my vintage Grand Seiko today with a new Fluco strap. I鈥檓 always looking for straps that look good and feel right and it鈥檚 a challenge. U...

Love finding a NOS Seiko!

Picked up this little flieger after seeing one on instagram and diving straight into the eBay rabbit hole. I鈥檓 not a field watch or flieger person usu...

Scurfas are back!

I know there are some Scurfa fans here in Crunchland. They are not doing a launch or setting a time to sell for December releases but putting them on...

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commented on Full collection after 4 years of collecting

That Fujitsubo wears so nice! It鈥檚 a very tempting watch once you try it on. Nice collection!

commented on 6 watch collection or one watch collection with a 3000 EUR budget?

I paid $2kusd for mine preowned from an AD. It had never been sized even. These watches can be had on the secondary market for around 30% off msrp. Leaves a little play money in your budget too!

commented on 6 watch collection or one watch collection with a 3000 EUR budget?

I would probably pick three of those to start and let it simmer for a bit. Give yourself some breathing room because none of us is capable of choosing a keeper collection in one swoop. Otherwise I鈥檇 be doing something more useful this morning like work instead of thinking about your watch collection and mine馃榾

No one ever seems to part with the traska gmt or the seiko chronograph. Hard to go wrong with the diver also so those are likely to stay with you.

That being said I have an SBGN011 and if I had to have a one watch collection that would be it.

commented on What do you think about this watch?

Yep. What @solidyetti said. Nothing to complain about here. Terrible photo but we鈥檙e wearing yellow on yellow at my house (my husband and I share this watch).

commented on NWA 鈥楳agnum Sunflower鈥

Everyone should have a bright yellow summer watch!

commented on Just a turtle on the beach

Leaving on a trip tomorrow and pondering this. My mini turtle always goes but I have a new Nomos so if only one goes that has to be it.

commented on Longines Hidroconquest GMT X Oris Aquis Cal 400. Battle of the Modern Divers!! 馃馃

I鈥檝e had an Aquis for seven years and it鈥檚 a permanent member of my collection. Wears like iron, comfortable, keeps great time and Oris is an independent company. What鈥檚 not to love?

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New Birthday Watch!

Arrived just in time for my birthday! I鈥檝e been stalking Constellation Manhattan listings for a long time just waiting for the right one. This one is...

Finally got my Neptune!

I鈥檝e been thinking and plotting to pick up a Lorier Neptune IV for a while for two reasons. First, I am coveting a Black Bay 58, especially after tryi...