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Spring is Near

I've been watching the grass get greener and Spring is approaching here. Has had me in the mood to wear the green and gold Ricoh. I call this one The...

Any information on Black Shield

I found this old diver by Black Shield. I can't find any information on the company and am wondering if anyone may have information. It has a Seiko mo...

Latest Restoration

Yes another Ricoh - I love hunting them down and I've learned the nuances of their movements when disassembling, cleaning, repairing, lubiricating, an...

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commented on Mixed Strap Colors - The Dual Look

I've never seen it before and I've never thought of it. I can see how this could be a fun summer look!

commented on Ricoh Automatic

Nice Ricoh - Ricoh had a long history of making watches and few know about them now. But any good watch service should be able to do the job. The service will likely cost more than the watch is worth but that doesn't matter especially when it is a family watch. I collect and service Ricohs and I know the movement well. But I have never serviced one for another person.

commented on Watch and knife

Most excellent

commented on Latest Restoration

Oh looks like you scored a good one!!! General tips like taking a bunch of pictures as you take it apart and I always keep screws separated with the parts they came from because I can't keep track otherwise where they belong. More specific to the Ricoh auto movement: it has a single banking pin and there is a single hole in the pallet fork that the pin goes in. Assuming the watch is running ok now, take care not to bump/move that banking pin when cleaning etc. On dial side when you remove the day and date wheel, before you remove the plate that goes over everything take note there is a very small horseshoe looking spring that rests against the inside edge of that cover plate and pushes against the finger that rides the day wheel. The spring can be hard to see so don't miss it and when reassembling be sure the spring is not under the center plate when you put the plate on. Keyless works and date quick change button works have a few springs that can keep you on your toes. Again lots of pics so you know how they go and a piece of peg wood shaved to a flat edge and use that flat edge to hold the spring down while you bend the other end in place to prevent those suckers from flying. Happy to answer questions if you run into a question. Good luck!

commented on To Datejust or not, that is the question

I think the jubilee makes it GADA. Combined with the datejust you can wear it with sweatpants to a tux and everything in between and never change your watch. My opinion of course.

commented on Feelin tactical today!

Pocket watch would look great with that!

commented on To Datejust or not, that is the question

Put that Datejust on a jubilee and there simply is no other watch.

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Christmas morning

Fun to see everyone's Christmas morning watch presents. Here is mine - Tuseno Windseeker in blue and am really enjoying it.

Christmas and memories

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I like to wear and use heirloom pieces. The Bulova Aerojet was purchased in 1965 by my father and given as a gift to h...

Ricoh Ocean Diver Refurbishment

Just finished this refurbishment on a vintage Ricoh Ocean Diver. Super compressor style with the internal rotating bezel. Also complete with its origi...

Latest Vintage Ricoh

Finished rebuilding my latest Ricoh. From the 1970s from what I can tell. When I got it the crystal was so badly scratched and cloudy I couldn't tell...

Casio Seamaster James Bond Spectre

Got the idea to modify a Bond style nato strap for this Casio MRW. I think it turned out well. Intent was to capture the vibe of the James Bond Spectr...

Casio MRW

This just arrived. Casio MRW 200H 1EVDF. Most MRWs have numerals but this one stood out to me with the dot diver indicators and gilt accents. Saw anot...