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Finally settled on the three square collection…

What began as a single GW-M5610 has transformed thanks to many acquisitions, swaps, and sales. These three are the survivors, and I think they’ll stic...

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commented on DigitalDivider's WRUW ·

It will not, unfortunately. The GW-S5600 and the GW-M5610 can swap, but the GW-5000 is a bit shorter in height. Any bezels from the DW-5600 will fit though!

commented on DigitalDivider's WRUW ·

Absolutely. You’re right that it is the softer, lighter version of the GMW-B5000G.

commented on SUSFU303's WRUW ·

GREAT strap! Where is it from?

commented on DigitalDivider's WRUW ·

Yesss! 💪

commented on Let's See Those G Shock Squares! ·

Glad you’re enjoying it! Totally agree… way more comfortable. I only replaced the bezel for aesthetic purposes (so the matte black strap matched) but functionally they’ll feel the same. I wear it every day now.

commented on Casio X NASA collab ·

Yep! It’s a 5610, so solar and atomic timekeeping, too.

commented on Which one pls ? ·

Explorer dial Air King for me! 👌🏼