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Potty Watch

Sorry, but this was too funny not to share. Start your kids on the watch collection journey early!

First successful service

I posted a few weeks ago that I had some project watches. I have finished the first. Mistakes were made. I’ll bet that I disassembled it almost 3 time...

Catawiki from the US

I saw a recent post where Catawiki was mentioned as an auction site. When I looked into it, it looked rather interesting. Are there any challenges (cu...

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Imaluckydad commented on Timex watches with that juicy "X" factor ·

Those are some amazing looking watches.

Imaluckydad commented on Should I give up my Rolex dreams to buy a motorcycle to ride with my wife. But then have to settle and get a Tudor instead? ·

Always chose your spouse.

Imaluckydad commented on What are our Crunchers thoughts on Baumé and Mercier ·

I happen to like them. I happen to think their price is a bit steep for me. That’s one reason I like Longines.

Imaluckydad commented on I've Restored my first watch ⌚🤗🏆 ·

Nice job

Imaluckydad commented on Longines Admiral 5 Star ·

I’ve seen them on multiple watches I wanted. Good to know that they are trustworthy.

Imaluckydad commented on 2023 Year End SOTC ·

Very nice and quite diverse collection. Congratulations

Imaluckydad commented on Longines Admiral 5 Star ·

Not yet, but on the list along with the Flagship.

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My next Projects

I hope to service and clean up these old watches. The left is an Elgin Durapower Shockmaster and the right is a Gruen Precision. Both are simple mecha...

Computer based time grapher

I’ve been seeing some USB microphone based watch devices that could connect to a computer to be used as a time grapher. I was thinking about this just...

Vintage watches and Radium

I just purchased this beauty and just realized that this might be radium lume. It looks like it could be on the dial numbers as well as the hands. How...

Women’s watches

I find it somewhat difficult to find many choices when I look to get my wife a watch. I was wondering if others find this challenging, especially the...

Hamilton event in Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ AZ Finetime is hosting Hamilton tomorrow night if anyone is in the area.

Where to buy a watch strap.

I have my first project watch that I’m trying to service myself. The lug width is only 16mm. I think this would look good on a nato strap and wonder i...