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Seiko 8F56 movement

Does anyone have any experience with a Seiko with the 8F56-00D0 movement? From cruising ebay, it looks like it was used in some Alpinist models and a...

Is the GS9 club worth the cost of admission?

For those Grand Seiko fans and GS9 members out there, is it worth buying a new GS from an AD to be able to join? I am wanting to pick up a GS this yea...

What are you doing with your watch today?

I took my Alpinist out to it’s natural habitat in the mountains today. What are you up to?

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commented on Show Us Your Sinns! ·

No matter what new watch I buy this things stays up there at the top.

commented on What kind of jobs/lifestyle do you have that allows you the luxury of buying watches? (Random photo for visibility) ·

I am in the military. Don’t get paid the most, but not bad either. I have saved money religiously and lived below my means ever since I started working. Also, at this point in my life compounding interest is doing some of the work for me.

commented on Up close and personal…. ·

I used to own the SBGX341. It was nice but the bezel would catch dings like no other. The front was brushed while where it beveled was high polished. I swear every time I looked at it a new mark would appear. 😂I am in the market for a new GS (to me at least) and I think the trick is to buy used, so it already has some scratches on it when I get it.

commented on Up close and personal…. ·

GS is something special. Just be careful, if you look at it too hard that polishing is going to scratch.

commented on What’s your next 3 watches? ·

I do not have 3 watches in mind, but I am pretty sure this will be my next purchase. The Grand Seiko SBGA371.

commented on What’s on your wrist this beautiful Saturday? ·



And then this

commented on Could you wear the same watch every day? ·


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Secret watch crush

What watch do you secretly have a crush on that you know you will never get and you don’t even know why you like it, but when you see it your heart ju...

Do you think your collection is too big, too small, or just the right size?

My current collection consists of 12 watches. There is an additional G-Shock and a Citizen that I don't keep in the watch box. Out of the 12, only 5 get regular wear. the Tuna, Aerospace, Sinn, Seamas...
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Merry Christmas, Watch Crunch!

No watch related gifts for me this year, but I am enjoying the day with family. Merry Christmas to all, and well wishes for the New Year!

Cheers, whats everyone drinking?

It’s Saturday night. What is everyone drinking and wearing?

SOTC at the end of the year.

As 2023 is coming to an end, this is the current state of my collection. Seiko SBBN035 Breitling Aerospace E75362 Sinn 556A Omega Seamaster 300M 2531....