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Elma Super Elite

The charm of the past

Old or new?

Is the charm of the antique better or the prestige of the new?
79 votes

Movie watches

Do you also fixate on the watches worn by the protagonists when you watch movies? What watches worn in movies do you have?

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commented on The Fancy James Bond

Real good one mate!

commented on What is your favorite Rolex reference of all time?

That one IMHO is quite good

commented on Movie watches

I know dude, but I found that jewel at 400$ (shipping and VAT included) fully serviced with a rate of - 20 sec/d. Brad can go to hell... 馃榿

commented on What鈥檚 the one thing you hate about being a watch collector?

Hunger never subsides

commented on Movie watches

I found it, original made in 1973

commented on Comparing my latest Boutique experiences

I had the opposite experience. Every time I entered a Rolex boutique, I always encountered incredibly kind and helpful people. However, the one time I had an issue with my Sinn (the crystal had lost part of its anti-reflective coating), the customer service told me I had to figure it out on my own.

commented on The road ahead


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While I wait for my Rolex Batman to come back from servicing, I console myself with this beautiful Citizen Bullhead.

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Both Swiss made. What a couple!

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Just have a look at that beauty

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