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Whatโ€™s the most interesting watch in your collection?

Not your favorite. Not your most expensive. A watch that you acquired at one point which makes you either scratch your head, smile, or both. For me it...

Because We All Need Another Watch...Best Black Friday Deals?

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commented on What is your biggest watch hot take? ยท

2023: I finally got the call from the AD. 2024: The AD wonโ€™t stop calling me.

commented on Got the call. ยท

Nice watch. How do you like the Honda Monkey? Looking to downsize

commented on Why Tag Heuer? ยท

I have always had a soft spot for TAG Heuer as it was my first nice watch gifted to me when I was 18. There is a fair amount of TAG hate, some of it is probably warranted. Seems the post Heuer TAGs made during the quartz crisis diluted the brand a bit. The limbo phase lasted into the 20-teens with questionable movements and design choices. I think TAG is turning the corner with some great re-issues or updates on their classics. โ€ฆ.but I am a little biased

commented on Steinhart Ocean One Diver 39mm Review ยท

I have a couple of Steinharts and agree with you for the most part. I have the Ocean One Titanium below which utilizes the more original hand design elements. I also have the Ocean One with the Mercedes hands (Submariner homage). I do get a little confused about the ripoff label for using the MB hands when plenty of brands use the same non-patent hand design TAG, Citizen, etc. Both are great watches and have solid builds with great movements. A good way for enthusiasts to get into the hobby without Rolex prices. I bought both used and the resale market seems to hold value pretty well.

commented on Is 36.5mm to small for a 7 inch wrist? Was looking to buy tgis baltic chrono! ยท

Especially true if you start getting into vintage watches. I have an older Tag Heuer that is 36mm that seems tiny by todayโ€™s standards but was the norm back in the day.

commented on What is your GADA watch? ยท

Great call. Just added the green Alpinist. GADA

commented on When is Casio better than Seiko? ยท

The tiny date window was the primary complaint with mine. Otherwise it was always ready to goโ€ฆ.with a little sunlight

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