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When A Watch Is Like An Old Friend

I wore this watch yesterday. Fell asleep with it on and woke up forgetting it was still there. It is that comfortable. And reliable, legible and even...

Great Rant for Seiko Lovers

This is not a new video, but I just ran across this @AndrewMorgan genius rant, and it has tons of good history about Seiko and why they are wonderful....

Casio Lineage LCW-M100TSE-1AJF

Tough solar, atomic clock, sapphire crystal, titanium case and bracelet. Just got this one, testing it out today.

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commented on Zombie 🧟 apocalypse is upon us, what watch would wear while leaving the rest of your collection?? ·

I would grab any G-Shock that has tough solar power and Wave Ceptor time setting. It would get me through everything. Too bad I don't own one.... yet!

commented on All of my current digitals ⌚️which is your favorite if you had to choose? ·

They are all wonderful, but the green is especially fabulous. 😎

commented on #NWA Casio AE1500WH ·

Loving the legibility! 👍

commented on Watch Thirst Trap ·

I know, oh I know. I try to get out, but they keep pulling me back in!

commented on Watch Thirst Trap ·

It's hard but I just have to say NO to those unless I'm truly ready to buy it. I tell myself that there are thousands of watches in the world and there will still be thousands of watches when I have the $$. I've made some impulse purchases already this year and my watch funds are all spent. 😭

commented on CashCounter's WRUW ·

true! haha

commented on Enter the Dragon ·

Love this! Beautiful dial. Fire-breathing dragon is my spirit a good way! 😉

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Casio Duro -- Too Much of a Good Thing

So I tried on a Casio Duro today for the first time. As a woman, I've always expected it to be like a small car on my wrist and way too much. I'm plea...

In Sync!

What could possibly make two Casios more fun? Two atomic Casio Wave Ceptors in perfect sync. I've had the black dial for a while and just got the whit...

Got my sporty watch!

Thanks to all who offered advice and suggestions on my quest for a sporty/dive watch. I decided on this Tissot Seastar and it has just the look, feel,...

Casio Love

A quick SOTC of just my Casios, to take a moment and celebrate my Casio obsession with others who understand. Since getting into horology in the past...