My 4 year old snuck her watch into my watch box.聽

Sure, she did...we all know you love the pink Timexes! Own it! 聽馃槣

I bet after ten years you will cherish and remember that one the most. 聽Worthy spot.

Which one was it?聽

I really liked that Rotary watch with Breguet Hands and Guilloche Dial. Any chance of sharing a closeup or wrist shot?

I think that it is great that your daughter wears a Tissot.

Nice start to the collection, and very cool that your little one is not only into watches, but wants to be part of what you are doing.聽


Which one was it?聽

Beat me to it ;)

Did she flip your rectangular Seikos too?

nice seiko tank 馃槏馃槏. whats the name of the submariner timex?


I think that it is great that your daughter wears a Tissot.

I came here for this comment. 聽馃檹

That's her spot now, which means you can only get one more...

That is adorable. 聽I collect a lot of Peanuts watches, so if that happened to me, no one would notice. 聽

I haven鈥檛 seen anyone else with that Timex鈥 until now.聽


Your daughter owns a Seiko? Neat!

Time to buy that girl a watch box of her own, and start her on the path of collecting! 鉂

She is learning to take care of her watch. 聽Love it.