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11SWM11 ·

AD Shenanigans: Advice Needed

Ok, so this is going to be a long one, but my goal is to get an idea of what you'd do if you were me. TL; DR is at the bottom. I recently started work...
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11SWM11 ·

New Watch Honeymoon Period

How long do you wear a new watch (neglecting your others), before it falls into the rotation?
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11SWM11 ·

Vintage or No?

Vintage Discussion: Are you into Vintage pieces? How'd you get into Vintage? What would you tell the newbies who want to get into it? If you're not in...
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11SWM11 commented on Define "Watch Collection" ·

I think a collection is what you make it. I buy watches I like, and I have a few that really have no value, but they have value to me. I do have watches that, if sold, could fetch some extra cash above retail but that is purely by coincidence. I buy the to enjoy them. When I shed this mortal coil I hope they go to someone who will value and appreciate them as I do/did.

11SWM11 commented on What's Everyone Do for a living? ·
11SWM11 commented on Back from service. ·

I have this same problem with my Tissot. It cost me a few hundred bucks and I'm confidant the service will be way more. It still tells time and is accurate but the chrono isn't working well. 

11SWM11 commented on What's Everyone Do for a living? ·
11SWM11 commented on What's Everyone Do for a living? ·

Welcome! Investment banking?

11SWM11 commented on What's Everyone Do for a living? ·

Welcome! What type of law do you practice?

11SWM11 commented on AD Shenanigans: Advice Needed ·

Thanks for the input and that makes a ton of sense. I'm not going to keep buying to get a Rolex. Candidly for what I've already spent at this point I could have purchased the Batman grey market and been done. I'm invested now but I'm not spending more. I have a time frame that if I don't get the 1st or 2nd choices, I'll make other arrangements. 

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Which Brand makes you say...GRRR

There are quite a few watch brands out there. Which one do you dislike or rather aggravates you? Why?
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To Nato or To Not Nato...

Are you a fan of Nato Straps?
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Watch Event Experiences

Have you attended any watch events or meetups? 1.) Pro's 2.) Con's 3.) Which would you recommend 4.) Other comments
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Show me...

The first watch you ever purchased or was given. 1.) What is it? 2.) Circa (if you know) 3.) Photo
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Buy What you Like....

I think we can all admit that we may have been influenced by Watch YouTube at some point for a piece or two. But what I want to know is this... What w...
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If you could only have one...

Which one of these watches would you choose as your end all be all daily watch. I'm talking casual, dress, vacation, essentially the one watch that is going to weather the storms of life with you, whi...
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Watch Maintenance: Home Edition

So how do you guys/gals keep your pieces clean at home? I have microfiber cloths, soap, water. And I try to clean my pieces during each rotation with...
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