Why are G-Shocks so special?

There is an incredible amount of love in watchworld for the G-Shocks and I don鈥檛 understand why. What makes them so much more special than the other digitals?


The designer was inspired when he saw a boy playing with a rubber bouncy ball.

Idk but even just that fact makes it slightly even cooler than I already thought it was after all these years ha

They are affordable but super durable and versatile digital watches that somehow immune to any kind of watch snobbery and have built a decent history and fan following.

They are sort of miracles of engineering. You could say they are comparable to the Rolex Submariner in that they are a simple idea that has been refined and refined and refined until it became a genre onto itself.

Also, they are great for collectors because of their relative affordability.

They're popular because they are seen as "tough" and "cool", as well as being praised by influencers.

A standard digital watch from any manufacturer will stand up to 99% of what 99% of people will ever use it for.

I've always been more of an Atlantis fan, since they are thinner and smaller than the basic G-Shock, while being just as practically durable. They also have Indiglo, which is more useful than a crappy LED in the corner...

Even taking the cynical take of them being overkill in their durability, overkill is fun. It's pretty much the cheapest way to get into an over-engineered watch, and that price preserves a lot of the value in the process, which is often lost in the pursuit of over-engineering. The "unreasonable" shock resistance of a g shock is basically the same as unnecessarily high water resistance, accuracy, calendar complexity, dial complexity, case complexity, anti-magnetism, or other complications. There are lots of ways to over-engineer a watch, so it just comes down to which ways are intriguing to you, whether because you'll make more use of them than most people, because they're just fascinating, or both.

It's rare that you get to find as much "extra" as affordably as a g shock, many people have reason enough to buy at least one watch like a g shock, and g shock as a brand is very collectable, with all their models, colors, and editions. It's not that surprising they're a big name in watches. To some they're unnecessary, big, and ugly, and to me most high complication watches the industry drools over are unnecessary, big, ugly, expensive, and easy to break. It's all subjective at the end of the day, and g shocks are enjoyable and affordable to a ton of people, who like to talk about them.

Because I like them 馃槄

GTL = Gym Tan and Laundry 馃槀

Reality TV - The Jersey Shore made an impact on the G-Shock popularity


I like my G-Shock because I can wear it when I know the day is going to get physical and rough, and leave my more delicate watches in the drawer. It is kind of the collection protector.

Is there any simmilar watch for that money? Talking about durability and specs and not just being digital watch. It was also first watch of many in childhood days


They're a proper tool . I've used them in the past, but I don't get the fanaticism folks have for them

For me they're like a hammer or washing machine.

Get fed up with hearing about them tbh.

Excellent for what they're designed for, but the enthusiasm for them escapes me..I suspect it's because they're cheap and readily available.

But I guess there's folk really into hammers or washing machines too 馃馃槀

This thread is interesting to me because I find their appeal to watch collectors hard to comprehend; I can find no charm in them at all. But, then again, there are a lot of mechanical watches that folks seem to really love that I find repulsive.

I鈥檓 glad that there is something that appeals to everyone in the world of watches! It鈥檚 all good.