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Thoughts of Carl F Bucherer?

Hello Thursday fellow crunchers⌚️⏱️! Curious what people thoughts on CFB watches? I know they have the “John Wick” manero watch.(Like the watch just...

2nd opinion from my fellow crunchers

Hello Fellow Crunchers! Reaching out to owners/experts of VC watches. The pics attached are a friends watch they wanted me to look at to see if it’s a...

American Flyer

Hi folks today I am wearing a Bulova American Flyer. It was scratch on it but I think it still pretty sharp. I used Poly on it but it still won’t clea...

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commented on Rainy day ·

If you wear it enough it inevitable

commented on Brands You Won’t Buy From? ·

Richard Mille

commented on Incoming Incoming 📢 ·

Congrats on the watch 🙏!

commented on What would you do? ·

Sarb would be my vote

commented on Which of the 3 Japanese Giants do you prefer in general?? ·

I know Orient is associated with Seiko but they have their on movements as I recall and fit and finishing notably for the Kamasu and the Bambino are superb 👍

commented on NWA:🦅Chopard Alpine Eagle 41🦅 ·

I beautiful timepiece 🙏

commented on Budget watch sound off! ·

I picked up this for $35 delivered. Came in a plastic watch box with top and bottom “egg crate” foam. For this price point the fit and finish are amazing👍.


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Watch that re-ignited the passion

Hello everyone! I’m wearing my Seiko SNLK-23. This watch helped re-kindle my passion for watches. Probably one of the best watches that can be used fo...

Turtle Homage

Hello folks I am down in Vero Beach Fla celebrating my anniversary. Vero Beach is know for it’s Sea Turtles. So I am wearing this watch I picked up di...

Todays wear

I got this watch from my wife as a gift last year. I think is pretty neat but the sentimental value means a lot to me. While it not a high end watch i...

Sentiment watch

Good morning everyone! I have been tied up doing some housework. I got the watch last year for xmas from my wife. It’s not a high horological watch bu...