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Netflix RIPLEY Rolex cameo

Caught a fun character choice in Netflix's "Ripley." After a... misadventure on a boat, Tom makes sure to keep an eye of his good friend Dickie's belo...

What’s The Story Here? (Collecting, Submariners, And “Alternatives”)

I was watching a video debating the age old (for whatever reason) question of “What Would James Bond REALLY Wear” and the speaker had good point: The...

Out With The Old...

In the interest of science, here are some pics of my 1972 Cevert / Pogue 6139 Speedtimer next to my newly acquired SBDL085 (JDM version of the SSC813...

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commented on Reminder, don’t be a fanboy. Make an informed decision based on your needs. ·

"I've called this Rolex Board meeting to say, sadly, we are closing our doors. Unfortunately, someone on the message boards complained that we were overpriced and AngryPhishFan2011 didn't defend us. We all knew this day would come eventually."

commented on What's your favorite Sub-$50 Casio? ·

F-91 is the icon, but it's World Timer for me.

commented on What’s a dead giveaway that you’re NOT dealing with a “watch person”? ·

"It's an AUTOMATIC" etc.

commented on What’s a dead giveaway that you’re NOT dealing with a “watch person”? ·

OOF I have had a few of these. Just give the watch to me, man.

commented on Is this fake? ·

Here's what it appears to (ostensibly) be - from Bob's Watches, a 16233 diamond dial. For comparison:

commented on Is this fake? ·

Go to a good watchmaker and have them open up the back. The movement will reveal the truth in no uncertain terms. I have heard you're also able to bring these into authorized Rolex dealers to have them authenticated but that seems strange with older models. I would not get my hopes up though.

commented on Chrono24 certified… HOW MUCH?! ·

In fairness, Ebay authenticity is only free on items over $2k and they have to be domestic to the USA. It's $80 for items below that threshold.

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A big hole in my knowledge of what's out there is analog quartz. When you first start collecting I think the "common knowledge" is that Quartz = Bad,...

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Okay - here’s a thought experiment that I realize is mostly annoying ,  but, stay with me... It’s 1962. You’re an ambitious young person making their...

ISO Lorier Neptune Compatible Oyster Bracelet (It's a good idea)

I love my Lorier Neptune BUT I'd really like to complete that vintage Submariner look with a proper Oyster bracelet. Does anyone know an existing brac...

"Seiko Battle Scars" (Repair Or Wear With Pride?)

What to you folks think? I grabbed this very cool 1970's 6309 Turtle at a flea market that I love. I cleaned it up, and bought Uncle bracelet that rea...