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Max ·

State of the Crunch !!

Elon has failed in his bid to acquire WatchCrunch, and Kanye has been escorted off the premises. My dear Crunchers, after year one, the state of the C...
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thewatchzealot ·

Share your mod watch pics here!

I realized that many crunches are experienced and interested in modding watches. For the pros/experienced crunchers out there, post your photos below!...
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TheTownWatch ·

Happy Thanksgiving 2022

Happy Thanksgiving 2022 to you and yours! God is good!
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TheTownWatch ·

What are the best "Watch" related Reddit's to follow?

I'm not too familiar with Reddit as a platform but am trying to learn more and join more communities I'm interested in. Can anyone recommend some good...
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IanCognito ·

Another crazy piece from Atowak!

This is NWA #48, the Atowak Cobra with amazing wandering hours complication. The affordable Urwerk 😉
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thewatchout ·

Happy New Year WatchCrunch Fam

What watch have you got on for NYE?
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Everett ·

Guess What We're Talking About This Week?

Just a sneak peak - figured you all might be interested. 😉
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Watcheswithjohn ·

How do you enjoy your watches?

I love making sure I include my watches in my adventures and times when I know I will make memories. How do you enjoy yours? Is it from photographing?...
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andrew ·

Meteorite Daytona: Yes or No?

Would you rock the Daytona in White Gold with the Meteorite dial? Some people love it, others feel a sports model shouldn't have such a fragile and el...
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TheThing1982 ·

Watchfam invites x3

You assume anyone in my daily life cares about watches hahahaha More than likely I will be seeing that red notification as long as I use this site lol...
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