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Rolex 126508 vs Rolex 6265 🧐

I know, I know. ANOTHER gold @rolex ! Not exactly keeping the content diverse! However, this piece worn by our @49crowns brother, caught my eye becaus...

Midweek 49 GTG @ Seregin

A little impromptu @49crowns get together, checking out some watch stores in Union Square. Ended up at @sfwatches ! Midweek midday GTGs just hit diffe...

Rolex Zenith Daytona 16528.

@crown_in_oyster_case showed up with something particularly tasty today. You would think a gold @rolex Daytona from the 1980s would scream New Jersey...

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commented on Formex Meteorite Dial ·

Thank you!

commented on Formex Meteorite Dial ·

Mine too! 🔥🔥🔥

commented on What’s a dead giveaway that you’re NOT dealing with a “watch person”? ·

An Invicta? 🫣

commented on Omega Speedmaster Hesalite 3861 ·

When I found out there was a greater watch community out there, that there were other nerds like me, it blew my mind.

commented on Omega Speedmaster Hesalite 3861 ·

Are you a member of the Carolina Watch Club? If so I’m sure we know some people in common. There’s a surprising amount of crossover between CWC and 49 Crowns!

commented on Omega Speedmaster Hesalite 3861 ·

sich auf etwas freuen!

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Windup Watch Fair Day 1

Successful first day @windupwatchfair in a much upgraded space @fortmasoncenter ! I got to see some phenomenal pieces, hang out with some great friend...

Formex Meteorite Dial

Getting ready for a crazy @windupwatchfair weekend with my @49crowns brothers and sisters! A little @formexwatch #meteorite dial LE procured by @49cro...

Zenith El Premiero Poker Chip SJX Collab

wis_shots is winning the #lumeshot game with his @zenithwatches “Poker Chip” collab done with @sjxwatches in 2021 . Absolutely everything on the dial...

Omega Speedmaster Hesalite 3861

Does it get better than this on a #speedytuesday ? An almond croissant and latte from tartine bakery (arguably one of the best bakeries in San Francis...

IWC Aquatimer Split Minute IW3824-04

For the first post let’s do a real watch nerd watch. This watch lets you split the minute, so if you’re #diving you can time your dive, and then while...