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bevelwerks ·

Logo Redesign - WatchCrunch and SpeedyTuesday Concept

This was a fun little concept. I‘ve been brainstorming logo redesigns for the Crunch since I started tackling some of these design exercises. For the...
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Max ·

Speedy Tuesday Double Feature

Had the pleasure of getting these 2 together for a video. I think the common complaint is that omega puts out too many special editions, but these are...
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Max ·

Omega needs to bring back Speedy Tuesday

I'm spending some time with these 2 beauties this week and it's really made me wonder why Omega stopped with just the 2. Out of all the special editio...
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Yourtechmonster ·

Happy "Speedy" Tuesday everybody. 😉

I know it's not a Speedmaster. It's a Certina DS-2 Chronograph, and it's quartz. When I watched the latest video from Watchcrunch it reminds me of thi...
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watchbrothers ·

The “other moon watch” 🧑‍🚀

Quartz moon watch? It existed long before moonSwatches, and it's much more interesting!
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eliamathias ·

Get rid of this for a new Speedy 3861?

I‘ve owned this lovely and very rarely talked about Speedy FOIS for 1.5 years now, it is stunning and it does get a lot of wrist time. It was also my...
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Max ·

TUESDAY: Let's see them Speedies!

It's Tuesday and I haven't seen a Speedy Tuesday thread so let's see what you are wearing! Here's my trusty 1957 reissue on the new 3861 bracelet!
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theborrowedtimepodcast ·


Love this collab between Omega and Swatch. Waited in Times Sq for 8 hours to acquire this beauty. Worth the wait. I'm hoping the next time it is relea...
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coffeemike ·

My First Speedy Tuesday

I'm over the moon with this watch (it's a horrible pun that will never get old). My wife surprised me with this on Saturday - multiple milestones pers...
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WatchMiyagi ·

Speedy Tuesday!

Here’s my take of Speedy for Speedy Tuesday
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