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Added today - Sheffield All sports 1A Steel City Edition

Evening oddities.

What a day , my new Sheffield Allsports turns up (it’s awesome - see last post) , I pop out for a walk with the dog to encounter a tactical nuclear bo...
WRUW today is this hot of the presses and straight outta the mailbox Sheffield Allsport Spike's Car Radio edition! Jay at Sheffield and Spike teamed u...
Classing up the Sheffield Allsport SCR today with a Hodinkee leather strap. After wearing the matching blue rubber strap that it came on I'm not sure...

Lume for days!

The lume on this Sheffield Allsport SCR is wild! I don't have a huge collection but this line is by far the brightest I've seen! Poppin' on a rainy da...
New arrival: Sheffield Allsport. Reissue

NWA: Sheffield allsport reissue.

I saw one of these on WRUW and it really appealed to me - more so now I have it on wrist , I like the caseback that seemed common on Swiss divers of t...
Today’s choice is my Dad’s watch from high school… 1960’s Sheffield Allsport…complete with vintage scratches. It’s a small watch at 36mm, but I love i...

Sheffield Watches Diver 1A Black

I was lucky to order one of the AllSport Dive 1A Black from Sheffield Watches today. These things sell out in a day. Specs: 40 mm case, 48 mm lug to l...
The reborn Sheffield Allsport Diver 1A on a well-made Chinese Berny oyster bracelet with solid curved end links. Got lucky with the fit. It’s perfect.