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Dome crystals.

So we’ve all seen plexi crystals with a high dome that evokes those retro diver vibes. However , we all like the de rigeur sapphire crystal these days...

Mini grail.

As you may know from my posts & WRUW , I’m a San Martin fanboy & milsub fetishist. I’ve been after one of these for a while now & sadly Sa...

British summertime

So here begins BST. We now take all of our quartz pieces out & shift em forward. *summer in uk is just 3 days in June.

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commented on Major Milestone! ·

Good on you dude.

You have impeccable taste as well.

I’m not jealous … much 😏

commented on Could you wear the same watch every day? ·

I own that very watch , I wore it for a week in Cyprus last month - but I have so many in rotation I like to regularly change up.

commented on superlum's WRUW ·

I really fancy a Tritium piece.. gotta put one of these on my shopping list.

commented on Cooper Watches Pathfinder Quartz Review ·

Class review Shawn , maybe I’ll get one now 🤙🏽

commented on AdamWucher's WRUW ·

Still my fave GS , even over the one I have

commented on BadgeHoarder's WRUW ·

BMW air bags & that fail prone pump under the car are a nightmare.

Best of luck.

commented on A reward for hard times ·

Beautiful piece. Glad to hear you are better.


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New watch day !! 😁

So it arrived. My pagani tuna homage - I went for this in the black resin case with gilt handset and anodised bezel. Plus points: -cool looks w/anodis...

Home improvements.

Today I undertook a handset change on this pagani , not my finest work. However - it is an improvement nonetheless.

Pagani GMT.

I found myself with nowt exciting to do on my Sunday off. So I thought what better to do than dig out this pagani I bought a couple of years back &amp...

Wearing a turtle , looking for turtles.

Today I got out for some scuba diving in Cypriot waters. The mighty king turtle accompanied me - all well & perfectly legible in the water. Ps: I...

My first Mod watch.

So anyone that looks at my WRUW stuff or posts musing about milsubs will probably have worked out that I like them. So today I had undertaken to fit m...

The way it ought to have been.

So … I received the pro diver in the above pics except the stock one (2nd from left) it has had the polished centre links brushed & the same effec...