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Finally got my Nodus! I have drooled over this Sector Pilot Phantom for over a year, and wow it does not disappoint!!

I'm done with rubber/silicone straps.

As we move into summer and I consult the watch-wearing spreadsheet, I have come to a conclusion. I subconsciously avoid my rubber strap watches. They...

NWA! Another Pagani joins the box.

I have been looking for a budget black diver for a while. True, there are a million different homages to the Rolex Sub out there, but they didnt speak...

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commented on Do you have a Solar watch? If you do, which one? If not, why?

My solar array . . . .

commented on Latest Acquisition

My Nodus Sector Pilot.

commented on More rant on Seiko QC

13-15 Seikos owned, with 10 more Seiko-powered microbrand watches, and I have yet to have an issue with one of them. Im either lucky, or this is overblown. The only story left to tell after someone climbs the mountain is the fall back down. And humanity loves to watch the fall.

commented on Mega Collections!

I have 35ish watches, so I use a spreadsheet that tracks wrist time. If one doesn't get worn, and I find I am deliberately avoid it, I sell it or pass it on to a friend.

commented on AuthenticSeyko's WRUW

I like the Black Dial. They do a green dial as well.

commented on What watch do you wear when you do "dirt"?

Casio MRW. Still analog, nearly disposable.

commented on What are your watch icks?

Any watch with unnecessary hardware (chains, fake bolt heads, screws) is a non-starter for me.

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Love! Hate!?

Do you ever find yourself glancing down at a watch and it gives you joy? Conversely, do you ever see the same watch from a different angle and have a...

NWA (Again . . . . Sorry) My first Swiss Made.

I really tend to gravitate towards Seiko/Casio/Citizen/Bulova as my mainstay brands. My wife owns and loves several Tissots. None of Tissot's offering...


I have been eyeing this pilots-style Eco-Drive for a few months, and pulled the trigger today. Not a watch most enthusiasts might go for, but I am chu...

Night shot with the Pagani

Not bad visibility considering how much coffee they mixed into the lume pips.

Evening stroll with the kid.

Her petite Citizen Promaster alongside my Seiko 5.

Legendary Seiko lume!

Nighttime dogwalk with the Blueberry