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San Martin Delivery SNAFU

So there seems to be an issue at customs with my watch. After receiving notification on Monday morning that my watch had cleared customs and would be...

NWA - Well impressed with this one…

Was a bit wary ordering from China (I’m in the UK) and was also unsure about customs etc, but ordered this last Sunday and arrived today, no issues wi...

San Martin SN0129-G

What can I say about this watch? Its a caller GMT based off of an NH34a. It has a fixed 24hr bezel, screw down crown and crown guards. Water resistant...
Enjoy your Saturday Along with the San Martin a pre-sunrise shot.

Shipping experiences with buying from

I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on my first San Martin. I found the watch I want and I found the best deal from an authorized seller. But befo...


Hmm, never had a GMT before, so I don't know what is meant to happen. Pull out crown to adjust the date. Pulls out to adjust the GMT, the GMT function...
My last one, I promise. San Martin Homage Tudor BB58. They started to cut costs and maximizing profits by lowering the quality of the bracelets. I dec...

There isn’t any watch repair shop on top of my house 😂

Having fun with my San Martin SN021-G-B1 recreating that iconic Explorer ad

San Martin x watchdives

So what’s the deal & difference between these milsubs then ? Lume: the SM has applied hour markers & a layered BGW9 coating them. Bright &...
It arrived early. For $250.00 it's out of this world! #SN0115G30