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Fortuna chronometer with African penguins along the cape.
The Lorier Safari ivory dial on a BOR from WatchGecko!

Going on a cat's toys safari

It's a robot vacuum day today at the house and I spent my time hunting for all the cat's toys that are just waiting to get stuck in the robot while I'...
The Lorier Safari will have to brave the stormy weather with me today. I want to drive to work like I want to have a tooth pulled but at least I'll ha...

Limited editions are a bad thing and this is why.

Firstly and despite the statement in the title, this is a personal opinion. Therefore anyone who got his hands on a limited edition watch and want to...
NH35A Automatic, 40mm, 20ATM, Saphire crystal front and back, california dial, super luminova, 20mm lug.
I need a nice watch for a nice day, and the Lorier Safari doesn't disappoint with its copper dial and fit, courtesy of an MN strap from Erika's Origin...

This is not the Explorer you are looking for

The Safari was born from the efforts of Lorier and TGV, who managed to get it right and design a watch that I like. Lorier decided to stick to their p...

Some watches are worth the wait

I bought my Safari from Lorier after watching TGV explain the how and why of its design. Back then I didn’t really buy into the story of making an alt...
Today I'll be with the copper dial Lorier Safari on it's perfectly matching Erika's Originals strap.