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True North VRT Panda

It’s all right here in black and white. The True North Vintage Rally Timer (reverse panda), a “true” gem and a pleasure on the wrist.

Valentine's Day Photo Concept

My Valentine's Day photo concept that I shared on my IG account which I meant to post here as well but slipped my mind. Thought I'd share regardless f...

Maen Brooklyn 36

A clean and sophisticated backdrop to enhance the elegance of the @maenwatches Brooklyn 36. Pairing nicely here with a @cnswatchbands vintage style le...

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commented on True North VRT Panda ·

Check out my review from 2 weeks ago. Killer collection from True North Collections 👌🏻

commented on Maen Brooklyn 36 ·

Thank you Sebastiaan!

commented on Has anyone seen this? 🤣 "Peasants" rise!!! ·

Btw, I haven’t seen these prices for a 16570 in years… when was this screen share footage taken?? Have they dipped that low again as of late?

commented on Has anyone seen this? 🤣 "Peasants" rise!!! ·

Hahah I wonder what one is considered if you don’t own a Rolex… complete and utter trash I guess 😂

commented on Seiko Alpinist "impulse buy" ·

Yeah it’s inevitable once a model get discontinued but I’m glad you got in a great price! 👏🏻

commented on Seiko Alpinist "impulse buy" ·

I remember purchasing this piece back in 2015 when it first came out, and how much I loved it! I cant believe how much they've increased in price... I purchased new for $450ish 😭. I've since sold it but I will remember my days with the 017 fondly. Congrats on the pickup! Wear it in good health my friend 🤝

commented on Valentine's Day Photo Concept ·

Much appreciated!

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True North Watch Co. VRT

A compilation of photos I recently shot of the True North VRT. Loving this gem, great daily driver 👌🏻

Review: The Ultimate Grab and Go!

Meet the Vintage Rally Timer from True North Watch Co. (@truenorthcollections on IG) a stunning homage to the classic chronographs that we all love, b...

True North Watch Co. Vintage Rally Timer (VRT)

4.6 Avg. Score

Benrus - Pioneers of the Digital Age

Along with Hamilton and Pulsar, Benrus was also a leader in the pack for one of the first digital watches on the market. A nod to the past with this r...

Vintage Vostok

This vintage Vostok circa 1970s, has such a charm about it. The dial glistens in certain light and the blue color has a mood all its own. I’m not exac...

New strap for the LHD

Celebrating this comfy new rubber notched strap with a monochromatic aesthetic. Clockwork Republic originally made this strap for a Seiko but it fits...

Tudor BB54

A looker in every way, shape and form… hard to capture a bad angle of this piece. Very photogenic in almost any setting. I know I’ve mentioned my love...