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And starting my last home office day for a couple of months with the white dial SM GMT. Love the versatility of this piece, ever more after upgrading...
Have an Excellent Wednesday Crunch Friends

Tudor made the Ranger too big. San Martin…’hold my beer’.

I have slim wrists. 6.5 inches. And there’s nothing I can do about it. So, some watches just sit too big. I tried on the Tudor Ranger and it just felt...
Brilliant red!
San Martin Year of the Dragon 2024

I have become a San Martin fanboy …

I have been wanting a little CuSn8 on my wrist and have been lusting over the bronze Baltic Aquascaphe for a few years. I just haven’t been in greater...
San Martin Tudor Ranger homage in blue | Caliber NH35A | ref: SN0107-G4 | WR: 100m | PR: 41h | LW: 20mm | Barton Elite Cool Gray silicone strap |
Happy Tuesday crunchers, have a great day 😀 #sanmartin #divewatch

Having made a long trip from the other tip of the Eurasian continent, there it is, my third San Martin!

Starting to build a story with San Martin, with the most recent chapter being this great way to add a bit of gilt to the collection, this Rootbeer bez...

Kiddo’s swim practice

No purpose for this post other than to share ANOTHER picture of my new very photogenic watch. 😅😂