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Watch shopping with my fiancée. (Japan Winter special) Seiko, Longines, Tag Heuer

Hi watchcruch community, Recently my fiancee was contemplating a simple ladies watch. She wanted one that was small but is open to bigger sizes too if...

Does it spark joy? Bronze watch edition

So I have been contemplating a bronze watch for about 2 years now. I keep finding new ones and sometimes I’d see videos about the patina and I decide...

Longines Zulutime Leather strap Quality issues? Has anyone ever bought an original leather watch strap from a big watch brand but experience QC issues with it?

I recently bought a Longines Spirit Zulutime watch strap with the deployant buckle. Love the buckle and the strap colour. However, I could not help bu...

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commented on Is the Baltic Mr01 watch a bad idea for longevity? ·

I actually had the same concerns. I’m just worried about the longevity and the servicing options of the movement. Which is why I skipped on it. But if the price is right, I might get it down the road.

commented on Japan Don Quiote Watch hunt! A series about finding great watch deals at Don Quiote specifically! Part 1 ·

Roppongi, Shinjuku is a good place to start. I’ve not checked out the donkis in eastern tokyo yet. So there might be some good deals there. The Yokohama mega donki in Minato Mirai unfortunately didn’t have a luxury watch section. There are still deals to be found, just gotta hunt for them.

Also you can shop elsewhere too, such as watchnian, daikokuya, moonphase and Ginza rasin. Great deals there with the weak yen now.

commented on Japan Don Quiote Watch hunt! A series about finding great watch deals at Don Quiote specifically! Part 1 ·

Unfortunately, prices have gone up. For the Seamaster, substantially too (from 550,000 to 700,000 in most cases). But I would advise going to the lesser known Donki locations. Not in the major touristy areas. Then again not all Donkis have a luxury watch section, so some hunting is required.

Good luck!

commented on Rockin's WRUW ·

Agreed. The strap is very soft and malleable but the part close to the spring bars is pretty stiff

commented on Rockin's WRUW ·

Ah. I was actually contemplating buying that piece. Love the brown dial.

commented on Chronographs ·

My favourite is my IWC Le Petit Prince Chronograph.

commented on Animals Of Watchcrunch ·

I have this feisty little guy here.


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Ever come across a deal you could not refuse?

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