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erikswrist ·

Elusive Khaki Mechanical

Is it just me or is this particular reference just... kinda... missing from watch posts all over the internet? I never see the olive mechanical. I mea...
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beroplaysbass ·

"Allen Edmonds Field Watch" (Bertucci A-2S) on Horween Leather Nato

I got this bad boy in an auction (I know big surprise..) But me being the Bertucci fan boy I am, this caught my eye immediately. Only to see that it d...
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feel_the_hit ·


Can anybody explain me the difference between dress watches, diver watches and field watches? New into watch collecting. Thanks in advance.
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MWC2020 ·

The King of the Khakis!!!

What a great do it all and go anywhere watch!
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beroplaysbass ·

Electric - California

I got this bad boy in an auction (big surprise) and it was just a watch I figured I'd flip in my store. Only to receive it and fall in love with it. N...
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Candide3693 ·

Great Field Watch from Citizen

This is the first Citizen watch I purchased for myself. It is really an underappreciated field watch with 100M WR.
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project440 ·

Invicta Field Watch

Loving the overall design and functionality of the incorporated sub dials. At 38mm and $43 I'm tempted to buy it as a beater watch. The only issue is...
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playboyheafner ·

Name 1 Overrated, 1 Underrated Watch (Comment Below)

For me one overrated watch is the Hamilton Khaki Field. I see all the time people saying it’s the best field watch in its category. In my opinion vari...
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relativetime ·

Biotic Formicidae Review [ Carpenter ]

New Review is UP! This time it's the very unique Biotic Formicidae. A 39mm field watch that looks like a retro sci-fi version of an Alpinist. So what...
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BetoMC ·

Seiko alpinist Prospex vs Hamilton khaki

Being in the same price range, which of the two would you choose as a field watch?
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