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Bracelet and Strap Options - Part 2: Field Watch

This Columbia field watch has been with me since 2006 (if my memory serves me correctly). It was a gift from my ex-parents-in-law for my birthday. Par...
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Review: Solidity and Style

I love a rugged, outdoor-oriented watch. But the size of my field/military sub-collection is getting unwieldy, even without counting GShocks, or those...

Draken Aoraki "Vector"

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Do You Like a Colorful, Whimsical Watch鈥r Something Understated?

My Freestyle Shark Maliblu is a serious surfing watch that playfully expresses itself in a symphony of complementary colors. I find relief from the pressures of the day when I look down to see a time-...
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Field Work

Early morning meadow.
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Watches I didn鈥檛 take on a trip gets wrist time today. Some old friends go on rotation and I鈥檓 reminded why I got them.

I brought four watches to a work trip. Because I felt that I needed a secret boost for me for the challenging days. But coming home I give the other w...
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BOLDR Venture Singularity

The BOLDR Venture Singularity is fast becoming my favorite weekend watch. That's a surprise. I picked it up for its stunning design. The minimalist ha...
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NWA: My first Hamilton

Hi watchfam, i wanted to share todays purchase. So i was waiting of a bigger tax refund for a while and of course i decided to take a bit of it and re...
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Thinking of purchasing

I鈥檓 looking for a watch to wear in the field when I鈥檓 training with my troops. Saw this and wanted opinions. Recommend some good watches to wear in an...
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New Pick up! Hamilton Black Mechanical 42mm!

Just got some retail therapy and picked up my 3rd Hamilton watch. The 42mm Khaki mechanical in a black dial is being worn with confidence. I like the...
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Still enjoying this one, switch to other OEM strap to see how it is.

Same watch, Vertex M100A, I've been wearing and posted to last, different OEM strap. A simple black leather strap. Gives a different vibe than the adm...
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