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NWA - Nivada Spider and Enicar Rocketship!

Santa came early and twice (: These babies popped up on Ebay, I bid and won, and today they both arrived, just minutes apart. I've been spider hunting...

New to me a vintage automatic enicar.

Yesterday my watchmaker told me that he could not service a pocket watch for me within a reasonable price range. What happened was that a previous per...

Helping out a workmate

Recently I started talking to a coworker of mine about watches because he noticed I was wearing a different one almost every day. So after some chitch...

In training for the 1WC

I have started training for the 1WC. I have put my watches through rigorous tests for accuracy, comfort, and overall wearibility. Each watch must be a...

How to Relume a Vintage Watch Dial and Hands!

I'm not saying this is the right way, the wrong way or the only way but it is the way I like to get these results. Overall I'm very happy with how it...

Update: Gave my coworker his watche back 😊

As a lot of you guys asked for an update: Today was the day I gave the watches back to my coworker. He was absolutely flattered and excited. I showed...

Enicar Sherpa Super Jet: What's your favorite two-crown design?

The Enicar Sherpa Super Jet, a GMT dive watch from 1964, stands out as one of the coolest vintage timepieces I've had the pleasure of seeing. Its 40mm...

Enicar Sea Pearl

Dad’s old Enicar Sea Pearl from the 70’s.

What can anyone tell me about this watch

My grandfather gifted me his old watch a while ago, took it to several jewellers who couldn’t do much with it and one offered to service it for about...

This Vintage Enicar Super Divette Watch served in the Vietnam War!

In 1972 Coupe was a Major and a flight commander in the 8th Special Operations Squadron. Stationed at Bien Hoa Airbase in Vietnam. He flew the A37 Dra...