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endeswatches ·

Seiko Speedtimer

This watch first caught my attention in Aug 2022 when I was looking for a Chrono for my tiny wrist. At the time it was sold out everywhere so I never...
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Seiko MechaQuartz Chronograph

Such a great looking watch but doesn’t get much wrist time. This Seiko 7T62 00L0 has a Mecca quartz movement in it and a very detailed dial.
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stijn_b ·

Sharing my journey of finding the perfect vintage movement for my new release.

Hey guys, I'm Stijn, the founder of Méraud and a passionate collector of timepieces. Méraud is basically the result of my hobby getting out of hand......
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nick_smith ·

Split-second chrono search

Hi! Do you have any suggestions for quartz (I still want to pay rent you know) split-second chronographs? Only one that comes to mind is Farer, but so...
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Timetworule ·

What does the community think about gold watches? Would you wear one?

I've always thought gold watches and two tone were great looking watches but I've never bought one because I feel it's too flashy. Just curious what the community thinks.
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twostitchstraps ·

Seiko 6139 Pogue, one of the coolest chronographs of all time!

Seiko 6139 is notable for being one of the first automatic chronograph watches in the world (If not being the first one?!). Seiko succeeded in integra...
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clickybezel ·

I’d love to see Seiko bring back the 7A28.

Between their old 7A28 line of watches and the solar Speedtimers, which one reigns supreme?!
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Vagabond09 ·

Meca quartz search

Hello guys i am searching for a meca-quartz chronograph watch within the range of 100-300$ and came a cross the Yema and the Dan Henry so any other re...
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yarko_on_the_go ·

Racing Inspired Reverse Panda Chronographs

For some time now I've been stewing over what watch is "missing" from my collection. (Or put another way, which watch is next!). With a plethora of di...
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Wakanda Forever

I like the subtle Black Panther references on this Citizen watch. Often times I find these movie-inspired watches try too hard. This one seems to find...
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