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HooliganIX ·

Panda and Evil (Reverse) Panda Dials

While I do appreciate monotone chronograph dials, Pandas (more specifically Evil Pandas) have always caught my eyes, and so once I found a watch that...
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AJ7777 ·

Seiko 6139 6012

my first vintage Seiko sarted with this blue Bruce Lee sporting the Resist dial, from 1971 on a aftermarket railroad bracelet. the old 6139/6138 chron...
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TimeToDesign ·

Automatic Chronographs in Microbrands

Something that I've been wondering about is why we don't see many popular automatic chronographs in the microbrand scene. Is this something that anyon...
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Robcollects ·

Omega Speedmaster Moonphase review

I have this Speedy now long enough for a review. It joined my collection over the summer and as many have seen on WRUW, its a common sight on my wrist...
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TimexBadger ·

Q Timex Chronograph

It looks like Timex scrapped the Q Timex Chronograph and went with the Waterbury instead. The Q is no longer on their Website under Coming Soon but th...
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Watchgambit ·


What is your favourite chronograph watch and why? I love my Seiko SRQ029 column wheel that suitably mods to history yet brings it to modern day.
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TheHoroSexual ·

Why does Porsche Design get so little love with WIS? Is their history not well known?

I believe that my Porsche Design ChronoTimer Series 1 is such an underrated watch. In 1972 the brand presented the first watch designed for it by F.A....
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Bessio ·

Yes or No?

Images borrowed from worn and wound online images. Reissue of the 1973 Bulova Parkmeter with a quartz movement instead of the original automatic one....
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JustFractal ·

Can you tell sub-seconds with out the sub-second dial?

I'm looking into buying a chronograph( it doesn't have the sub-seconds dial which I prefer over the 24 hour dial (useless thing). Can you tell sub-sec...
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KevinMac365 ·

A chronograph for under €300???

Does anybody know of a decent chronograph for under €300???
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