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SurferJohn ยท

Let's see your blue watches!

I've been on a blue streak all week, and craving moooooore!
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BetoMC ยท

Ice blue Tissot PRX

What Is up? Rumor has it that Tissot is going to release a new PRX powermatic ice blue version. Do you think is true?
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AlbertG ยท

New band !!!!๐Ÿฅถ

Just a quick update! I asked for some suggestions previously about adding a different band to my Tissot Banana โ€ฆ the band it came with was a sub par b...
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watchdiary365 ยท

Why I bought a Swatch?

Why I bought this Swatch? I admit that I started looking at the lineup of Swatch first since they released the MoonSwatch. That was a cool move betwee...
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pandadragoon ยท

What is your favorite blue dial watch?

Just wondering what watch or type of watch that everyone likes in blue? I personally have almost exclusively black or white dial watches but I really...
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PitViper54 ยท

Deep Blue

Trying out Deep Blue, with their Ocean Diver,, Swiss auto movement, ceramic bezel 1650ft wr n super lume all for $300 it's a steal I think. I think it...
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craiger ยท

Crafter Blue C13 on a Seiko SPB185 Review

Don't do it. Just..... don't. I've been looking for a fitted rubber strap for the Seiko SPB185 for some time. Straight end straps don't integrate with...

Crafter Blue C13 Black

1.6 Avg. Score
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KairosChrono ยท

Polished Enamel Dial and Numbers ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

I never knew the brand, nor did I ever contemplate buying another micro brand quartz watch. But when I saw this watch, I fell in love! I guess love at...
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jakaplan4 ยท

Rolex DateJust White Baton/Roman vs Blue Baton/Roman

Love me the white and blue DJs! What's your favorite of the pick? Downside is that the Blue Roman and White Baton are only a DJ41, not available as a DJ36. The White Roman and Blue Baton are both avai...
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MaBuWatch ยท

My Tissot PRX Automatic

Hello guys, my first post is the Tissot PRX.
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