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anonwatchguy8 ·

New Drop! Can San Martin Branch Out?

With brands like Islander trying to drop more original models, do you think San Martin can slowly inch out of the homage space and gain public interest in their more original designs? I think it will...
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HonestWatchReviews ·

Berny V2 Compressor

One of the two watches reviewed in my Berny Double Review video.
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HonestWatchReviews ·

Berny Aqua Terra Homage

One of the two watches reviewed in my Berny Double Review video.
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Are clocks okey?

Just got this clock from aliexpress in today in conjunction with my Berny. must say this thing feels better then my bulova by a mile. it’s got a 7 day...
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uhrensohn ·

Hilarious fake listing

There are a few fake listings on AliExpress, this one was particularly blatant and hilarious. The business license of the store in question is not eve...
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uhrensohn ·

Longines from the Far East

Yes, they called themselves Lngjines .😀 Will Longines be able to compete with them? This pair of watches sets you back £4.26.
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DigitalDivider ·

Tufina Watches

Got an inquiry for the Watch Crunch community. My wife ran across the watch in the picture and is interested in adding it to her collection (well, in...
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uhrensohn ·

Epoch brand?

I just noticed an oddity about the watch brand Epoch . There is a Swedish brand of that name whose watches sell about in the £1000-3000 range, so the...
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jntbui ·

anyone built their own watch?

for context, ya boy's a broke newly grad. doing my residency right now, so i'm basically being paid minimum wage. as such, i don't have the financial...
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Trigea ·

Pick me a San Martin!

With the sale about to end I think I'm gonna grab a new San Martin! First 2 seem like an original design with an NH35 but I can't pick between the black or grey. The last one looks like a Helm homage...
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