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Aurelian ·

Descriptive Brand Names

It always tickles my ear when I hear certain brand names because they either have meaning regarding time keeping or are puns on the subject. There are very few of them, often these cute names are rese...
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Justingalore ·

Grandads Watch - How much to restore?

I’ve been gifted my grandads old watches - including this Accurist. I now have a dilemma on how much to restore it. I’ll get a mechanical service - but need to decide on if to: - replace the rusty han...
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Shakespeare ·

The Beatles and Their Watches - Part II: The Accurists

All four Beatles appear to have worn 9ct gold Accurist dress watches from the early 1960s. These were British manufactured mechanical watches with Swi...
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casiodean ·

My Dress Watches

I'm not exactly sure what a dress watch is, but I assume that if I ever went anywhere fancy or met with a bank manager or something like that then I'd...
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TyrogScot ·

SOTC Jan 2023

Well as new member I thought I'd better do one of these SOTC posts. My collection is very modest & budget, but I have a nice big case with plenty...
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iliketowatch ·

Accurist Retro Racer 7367 Chronograph Review

I first saw this watch by chance on a YT video, something about 5 best chronograph's for around $100, and was instantly intrigued. However, sadly, it'...

Accurist 7367

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Chiefofthewatch ·

great retro racer

Accurist greatest value for money option?
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Owdlad ·

Feels like I’ve stolen a watch?

I’m not a watch snob, I own a Rolex (but only after saving for one for 30 years) I own a few other decent watches, a Doxa and some decent mid tier Sei...
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Stricko ·

Watch wonders at work and a strange coincidence

Now in my department I've got a reputation as being the orders on to go to about watches and today was no exception, first off a strap to adjust on an...
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weathermanx ·

Accurist re-brand

Just browsing online, I noticed Accurist have had a bit of a re-brand, changing the font on the logo, and launching a new collection, making a big dea...
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