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Carnoustie, Scotland
7.75” / 19.69 cm Wrist
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Gym Time-X

Cold & Wet Scottish Day

After a Cold & Wet Scottish Day here in Carnoustie with my Addiesdive MY-050S I do believe one requires a Bailey's Latte with a splash of Amaretto...

Addiesdive MY-H5 continues to impress...

Addiesdive MY-H5 continues to impress on any Strap I can throw at it... todays choice is my Bond Nato. 🔥🔥🔥

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commented on On the way up? ·
commented on On the way up? ·

I have 3 & bought them all from Aliexpress with a little paint & strap chance to something more fitting & you have a great watch MY-050S Hand Painted Bezel but on a Leather Custom Made Nato with added Compass Original cost £14... MY-049 Hand Panted Bezel but on an Orange Velcro Tactical Strap Original cost £15 & the Automatic MY-H5 but on a ZuluDiver ND Limits Orange Strap Original cost £47 😉

commented on Chopard LUC 1860 ·

Beautiful Watch by the way. Found myself watching the Netflix film 6 Underground & I always try to spot the Watches worn in Movies as I'm a massive Movie fan & also an avid Watch Collector... (but sadly nowhere near this level of elegance or spending prowess) I spotted it on the wrist of actor Ryan Reynolds & instantly loved it & was lucky enough they endorsing products... a lot was able to get a good look & find out what it was. So came on Watch Crunch to see if anyone had one & had made a post about it & yours was the closest I could find. Not jealous in the slightest that you are lucky enough & have the means to own such a stunning piece. Thanks for sharing bud.

commented on Ugly Mods ! ·

Getting a strong Nazi vibe here...sorry but think I will respectfully decline.... Just needs the SS logo put on the Dial to make everything Reich I mean Right 😂😂😂

commented on New Strap Suggestions ·

2 piece Leather Zulu Diver would look sweet

commented on The correct watch this time! ·

Should have bought from Aliexpress could have almost bought 3 for the price of one from Amazon £99 on Amazon & only £34 from Aliexpress

commented on Cold & Wet Scottish Day ·

Bacardi White Rum in an Iced Coffee is smashing 👌

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Strap Monster...

Whats your Strap Monster Watch ??? Mine is the MY-H5 from Addiesdive looks fantastic in all the Straps I have thrown at it. Today is no exception as i...

Pleasantly surprised with the Lorus RH361AX9 Sport picked up from Vinted.

Picked up this lovely little Lorus RH361AX9 Sport Mens Watch 42mm 10ATM for a friend that only collects Lorus Watches & thought I would give it a...

Seiko 5 Vintage fixed

Acquired this Seiko 5 Vintage 7009-3130 (born between 1980 to 1990) without a Bracelet or pins so replaced those & now trying it out... Hated the...

Vintage Seiko 5 rescue attempt plus I've never seen one on a Bund either... looks good though I think.

Got the Body from a friend but without the Bracelet but unfortunately far to small for me at 36mm but notched a Leather Bund I had in an attempt to gi...

Vintage Seiko 5 36mm

Got given a Vintage Seiko 5 DayDate 36mm Automatic that had been sitting in a drawer for decades with no strap & some dings. After some research t...

MY-H5 on Blue & Black Nato...

MY-H5 today but on a Blue & Black Nato to match my Nasa Jacket because yes I am sad like that 🤣🤣😜 I've always gotta match my watch to my outfit...