NWA! The Field Test: Pagani Design Chronograph

Pagani Design. Somewhat of a divisive brand, I think it's fair to say. This Pagani Design Chronograph bears more than a passing resemblance to a certain other chronograph we know and love.

This lovely little watch arrived in the mail today - earlier then expected, I might add - and I'm actually quite impressed with the build quality! No sharp edges anywhere on the case, good transitions from polished to brushed sections of the case, fine linear and radial brushing, the matte dial has crisp white printing, good polishing, ceramic tach bezel insert, and there's even blue AR on the underside of the sapphire crystal! Are the transitions razor sharp? Well, no. And don't expect zaratsu level high-polishing. But for $75 CAD to my door on the recent sale, it's a lot of watch for not a lot of cash.

Oh, and a bulletproof Seiko VK63 mechaquartz Chrono movement to boot!

So, what the heck do I mean by "The Field Test?"

Well, I LOVE the Omega Speedmaster Professional. It's my all-time grail. Has been for ages. And I'm very seriously considering acquiring one to celebrate a career transition milestone this time next year. But, a watch of that price point is quite the stretch, so I picked up this homage to test the waters before taking the plunge to the tune of several thousands of dollars.

This watch will give me a sense for how a Speedy might fit with my life. Not being a bracelet guy, I elected for one on the nylon strap. Just like the Speedy I have my eye on.

I must admit, that this PD has exceeded my expectations in terms of fit and finish, and will likely be a better test than I had envisioned (it was a toss up between this and the MoonSwatch, and I chose this for a metal watch and to keep cost down).

At this point in my field test, I'll be living with this and the couple others I have in mind to accompany a Speedy as my long-term collection.

Will this "scratch the itch" for a Speedy?


But I would consider keeping this in a drawer for a vacation watch or when I want a good knockabout watch that mirrors the Speedy vibe... That I didn't see coming!


I bought one of these as a gift for someone and was similarly impressed by the general quality (especially given the price). So much so I was tempted to keep it for myself, for broadly similar reasons to yours for buying it.

Looks like you have the latest V4 model without the two dots on the 12 o'clock index and a slightly differently oriented bezel. I rather like the small changes that are taking it away from being an outright clone.

That said, I struggle to get enthusiastic about the VK63, I just don't like the slaved 24h subdial.