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2 years into this hobby and I am still figuring out what I love!

Welcome to my rant.. I first thought that i like vintage watches.. i bought one old omega deville and realized that it spends more time in the watch b...

Switch to leather strap?

I don’t wear my tank as much. Its almost always too dressy for my outfits. I have been thinking of switching it to a strap instead. Wdyt? And what lea...

Latest update

So I posted couple of days ago about being torn down between a Longines Legend Diver and a mid size 36mm Seamaster. I ended up going for the Omega. To...

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commented on Ranger vs. Explorer (A battle that exists in my mind only) ·

i know that the ranger is aesthetically the closes to the explorer, but head to head, i would compare the explorer with the old bb36 black dial. size and proportion wise they are very similar. and i think the bb36 is more versatile, its a sport watch but you can still dress it up.

All that being said, the rolex explorer is a dream watch for me, i would sell the ranger and buy one if i can afford it. the 36mm size makes this an easy decision for me

commented on Another CW- hopping on the hype train? ·

Yeah they were bold when pricing this one.. good that am not a skeleton dial fan 😅

commented on Good morning tsuyosa ·

Good morning ☀️

commented on 5 Reasons I’m Excited For The Decline of Mechanical Watches ·

I disagree with almost every statement you wrote 😆

commented on Blued steel and copper ·

also your watch is awesome

commented on Blued steel and copper ·

lorier is really growing on me.. i need to see one irl before pulling the trigger on one

commented on My latest Tissot ·

What a simple yet beautiful watch

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Another Dilemma, need opinion

So I allocated around 1500$ to spend on a small milestone watch from a bonus I just received. I need a new daily and i am leaning more towards a small...

Rate the photos

I came home and saw my wife doing a photoshoot of couple of my watches. She’s not a pro, it’s just a hobby that she recently picked So I thought of sh...

So thats how it feels like?

So I just got the call from my AD telling me that he has a Casio MTP available at retail price. 😂 I wasn’t interested but it felt good to get a call...

Do you match your crocs and dial color or are you normal?

Thats what happens when you collect crocs and watches

Citizen is cursed

Whenever I wear my citizen tsuyosa to a football game, my team loses Idk whether its the watch or its just that Manchester United and The Lakers are r...

Do you have a home watch?

So I have a seiko that i don’t wear normally when am out but its really small and light to wear. Lately i have been wearing it at home and i realized...