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SNK803 Anyone with this beauty in collection ?

My first mechanical watch was a Japanese 7s26 3hz movement. Got this in year 2014 - A decade in the collection..✨✨🖤🖤 PS- I still have the original...

Any PRX collectors here?

Which one is your Favorite PRX lineup so far?? -Powermatic 80 40mm or 35mm ? -Prx quarts -Prx chrono. -Just throwing in the PRS 516 powermatic 80 carb...

Are Seiko Mods Respected ?

Seiko is known for making reliable and high-quality watches, and the same holds true for modded watches.🖤 Modifying Seiko watches is a popular way to...

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commented on Enjoying my new TAG HEUER AQUARACER PROFESSIONAL 300 ·
commented on Panda watches ·

Tissot PRX chronograph…

commented on First Mechanical Watch ·

Got this nearly 9years back … when HMT piolet was not known much in the market . Back when my collection was containing Japanese, Swiss and Chinese movements I wanted to have an Indian legacy.

My first Mechanical was Seiko

commented on It’s perpetual calendar day on a leap year ·

Perpetual calendar for the legends…

commented on SNK803 Anyone with this beauty in collection ? ·


commented on Are Seiko Mods Respected ? ·

Sorry brother ,, I kinda like the root beer with the 24hr bazel it looks cool i use my imagination to track my 2nd time zone, and also did not have the funds to get the GMT Movement from Seiko or could not find the movement to match my budget .. I just wanted to experiment with my first mod .

Unless I want a mod designed by Fog horn.. 😅

I just wanted a mod designed by me 🖤🖤

commented on Are Seiko Mods Respected ? ·

That’s the best about modding , you can make it perfectly personalized to your liking 🖤🖤✨

Actually gaining ideas from here for my next mod , thanks Fam ✨✨

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Post Your blue dail favorites… Fam!!

Blue being a primary color is quite versatile… isn’t it?

Wrist check of the day !!!

Feeling blue with the first Swiss Automatic in my collection journey … -Can you guess the brand and model ?

What’s your opinion ?

Root beer on a woody leather strap!

Grail watch ..

What’s your grail watch ?

Wrist check of the day

The Chrono on the wrist today , what’s on yours ?