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Micro brands vs the 脺ber brands

I love watches. I fall in love with new models, vintage models, weird limited edition models鈥very day. I have a theory though. My grail list of class...

Bollex Rolex

Funny T-shirt

The rumours are true!!!! The holy grail exists!!!!

Omega Speedscheister

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commented on How often...? 馃

Don鈥檛 wash mine regularly but when holidaying in the Maldives I made a point of wearing my Breitling diver in the sea (not that I ever went beyond a couple of metres under lol)

Suffice to say it got a scrub in the shower each evening with my toothbrush

commented on Glacier 馃馃馃

Nice looking watch, love the look of the hidden crown - was hoping you鈥檇 say it wasn鈥檛 fiddly at all lol

commented on Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 2: Serica Vs. Kuoe Kyoto

I think I love both of these brands - tough call

commented on Which would you choose?

Or maybe buy yourself a bit of very affordable Gerald Genta

1970s class and get a Swiss made Tissot PRX. One of my younger colleagues recently bought one - and on that fitted bracelet it looks absolutely stunning

commented on Which would you choose?

Three great watches - each a very different proposition

The Hamilton is the sensible option as a neutral tool watch / field watch - but I love both of the others. Baltic is an up coming brand, maybe there鈥檚 some kudos or upside in that choice? I already have a Hamilton so I鈥檇 go for the Baltic as a dress watch. But鈥 hmm that Lorier diver looks the business 鈥. 馃

commented on I鈥檇 like to say I did it, but I didn鈥檛

That鈥檚 a grail watch right there

commented on Micro brands vs the 脺ber brands

Beautiful - you chose the pale blue by the looks of things, my favourite - looks like a moody Brittany coastline


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Google sheets

Anyone else started a spreadsheet to list out their grail watches? I鈥檓 trying to come up with a 鈥渟hortlist鈥 but it keeps getting longer 馃

The start of my collection

Torgoen Aviator Raymond Weill Tango Tank chrono Breitling SuperOcean Heritage II BR01 Chrono Hamilton Khaki Field Pilot鈥檚 edition

Any love out there for the BR- 05 ?

Had my eye on one of these for a while but don鈥檛 see much chat about them on here. Kinda makes me think of a brutalist version of Cartier鈥檚 Santos Any...

Serica store in Paris

Serica fans out there - has anyone visited their store in Paris? Love this 5303 with the minty coloured 鈥渃rystal blue鈥 bezel. Love to see it in the fl...

Rolex Dubai

Rolex Livery in Arabic

Rolex Explorer / Cartier - pre-owned

Looking to source a watch for my son鈥檚 graduation. If I can afford it I鈥檓 thinking Rolex Explorer 36. Equally keen to grab a Cartier for my daughter鈥檚...