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I really want an orange Citizen Barnacle

Just in case anyone from corporate has the (unenviable) task of monitoring web forums. Surely there are still a couple of old ones to reference still...

Weird birth year Grand Seiko

I have a passing interest in the mutants that occasionally surface in the Grand Seiko lineup, and I was also born in 1998 (not a good year for bracele...

Thanks to those who helped me identify Grandpa's old Tudor

Got the case back opened by a specialist today and wouldn't you know it! The dial is branded "Solar Aqua King-of-Wings" - an imprint used exclusively...

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sagebrush commented on Newest addition to the catalog collection: Glasshutte Original ·

Nice!! I used to order free road maps from tourism agencies - I believe I got 47/50 states eventually.

sagebrush commented on Best Brand for Leather and Rubber Wrist Straps for watches. ·

A really good leather band will be $50+, otherwise I find that $25 from Barton or Crown & Buckle is about the same quality as $5 - $10 on AliExpress. (Makes sense, you would expect most "American" budget brands to just be selling rebadged crap.)

I just bought an assortment of 5 $10 AliExpress straps based on random Reddit comments and all five of them were winners. In particular, a $5 fake alligator print strap feels almost identical to Barton's $30 alternative. The buckles are often lacking in quality, but with the money saved you can buy replacements and switch them out with the spring bar tool you already own. I am never looking back because I've been really disappointed by Barton and C&B products either falling apart or having bad hardware.

If you are looking into good leather straps you apparently get the best quality for cheap from Vietnam, this brand gets consistently recommended although I've never bought from them -

sagebrush commented on The SKX Killer has arrived! ·

I'm a proud leftist 🫡👈

sagebrush commented on The trouble with Grand Seiko ·

Get one of the expensive Citizens that looks nearly identical :^) - same level of polishing and hand assembly, but they use a proprietary hardened titanium which is the most scratch-resistant material on the market.

sagebrush commented on San Martin SN040-Is that rust?? ·

Looks like regular wrist cheese to me, you can see the rubber strap also has some rime on it.

sagebrush commented on Something a little less serious…🚀🪐🌑 ·

I really like that they're more accurate than the original.

sagebrush commented on Is there a difference between a brand's "history" and its "heritage"? ·

I write museum grant applications and I use the two words interchangeably >_>

* Addendum: Nobody ever said I was good at it

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I'm guilty... of not enjoying my own mod 😔

I thought I'd give it a try. I put a deep gouge into my Seiko SRPD for a stupid reason. If only I had a sturdier ceramic bezel insert, I reasoned, thi...


I have occasionally mentioned that I own an eBay Geiger counter. Consider this a teaser for a longer, better post coming soon...

Grandpa's vintage Solar Aqua: Tudor inside?

I was really interested in radioactive material as a teenager (don't ask) and got a few hand-me-down radium watches from older family members. Visitin...

Long watch boxes are perfect for holding straps

You could say that I've been getting into Eastern philosophy. Yes, I recently deployed the complete Marie Kondo decluttering method which, among other...

Call it the Shifty Fathoms

You're welcome.

Have you seen the latest Citizen?

Thought this example of vertical integration was mildly amusing. It's not just Casio!