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AlbertaTime ·

Merkur w/hi-vis hands

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StNobody ·

Retro Rose

Like @NightWatch , I've been adding to my collection to include dials in all the liturgical colors. Rose was always going to be trickiest: it's not in...
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nickschn27_official ·

My new Pierre Paulin Levée arrived!

What do you guys think ? Personally my first Aliexpress watch, looking for some more straps to pair with that beautiful dial. Any recommendations?
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AlbertaTime ·

Another Merkur on Fluco nooshoos...

...and, again, thanks to Holben's for a short classic smooth no-stitch leather strap. Just right to keep interest on the dial.
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AlbertaTime ·

Seizenn Cali on Fluco Record

Hat tip to Holben's for carrying nice short leather straps. With this strap, it feels like the watch was built for me.
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AlbertaTime ·

Another Merkur Group beauty arrives at the AMCHPR

Seizenn California Dial Retro. I've always had a sweet spot for Cali dials--now I have one. Pretty good budget bang for the buck (under $80).
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HonestWatchReviews ·

Pierre Paulin Sector Dial Review

Here's the link to the watch:
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AlbertaTime ·


I love what Merkur is doing in the budget sector. Nothing wrong with the build, especially at the price. I have four of them, now.
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AshKetchup ·

Seizenn/Merkur Dirty Dozen

I picked up this fun little Merkur field watch for $80 shipped. I have always wanted to try a mechanical field watch and I couldn't pass up the low pr...
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dude_man_bro_123 ·

Merkur Pierre Paulin chronograph

Got this from the merkur website and took about a month to ship here in the US. It was only $180 with a seagull st19 mechanical movement, and sapphire...
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