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COMING SOON! 2024: The Yeah of the F91W? (Part 3)

Spoiler alert! I lasted until Good Friday. Just finishing up a full post....

2024: The Yeah of the F91W? (Part 2)

At the beginning of the year, I embarked on a personal challenge: to wear only the Casio F91W for the entire year of 2024. I figured it would be a fun...

2024: The Yeah of the F91W?

Embarking on a personal challenge for the upcoming year, I've committed to exclusively wearing the Casio F91W throughout various occasions and scenari...

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commented on 2024: The Yeah of the F91W? (Part 2) Β·

I wore that everyday for years before getting into watches, and before becoming a dad. The sleepless nights are what gave me baby brain and I now need to look at the dial to know what day it is!

commented on 2024: The Yeah of the F91W? (Part 2) Β·

Check my WRUW shots

commented on 2024: The Yeah of the F91W? (Part 2) Β·

It's all love! Casio is such an awesome company with so many watches that I want! I love them all. I picked this one primarily because I had it already, everyone knows it, and to see if I could 'cure' this watch voyeurism issue (which in itself is a larger talking point).

commented on 2024: The Yeah of the F91W? (Part 2) Β·

Point taken...but it's an F91W! No really, yes the choice of so many models is what makes Casio awesome, but what makes this particular watch, and one of the reasons it's deemed 'iconic', is it's a product design that hasn't changed since it's first release decades ago. That's quite a rare thing in itself. Society has changed so much since and this still hits the mark all these years later.

commented on 2024: The Yeah of the F91W? (Part 2) Β·

Yes, exactly right... but we still crave more, and I'm trying to understand why by forcing myself to just wear one watch all year.

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commented on NWA: My first G-Shock Β·

Excellent choice 😍

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