I have occasionally mentioned that I own an eBay Geiger counter. Consider this a teaser for a longer, better post coming soon...


Roughly 2k micro rem if my quick head conversion is close.*

Average natural background, and average annual exposure is measure in the milli, so while enough to make a gieger-mueller tube pop, wouldn't bother me personally. YMMV.

Sorry to my metric friends, my brain processes roentgen and roentgen equivalent man (rem) a little easier than sieverts.

Also before everyone jumps in, to bash the OP, or freak out, also have to take into account tool accuracy.

TL:DR GM tubes work yes, but they have +/- like any other tool, not too mention the way they work. Crystal scintillation based stuff is more accurate, but also more expensive, not readily available.

GM's are cheaper, but work on a different principle to get their "counts".

Still cool find! 馃馃徎馃馃徎