NWA: Omega Constellation

For the past couple months, I鈥檝e been on the lookout for a vintage gold dress watch. Set myself a limit, and did my homework on Chrono24 and other forums.

Yesterday, I went to a local vintage watch store because I love the collection the owner has and I pop in every now and again. He pointed this watch out to me, and I instantly loved it. I鈥檓 a sucker for details and was drawn to the coin bezel, the linen dial, and the ode to the Geneva Observatory on the back. The Constellation collection has a cool history as well!

As it normally goes, I walked in with no intention of buying anything, but of course walked out with a watch! Wasn鈥檛 the way I expected to spend my Sunday!

Nice pick up dude!

This checks all the boxes I'd go for. I love a C-shape case.

Well played. Enjoy the watch.

Great pick up bud! Congratulations!

Congratulations 馃嵕


Well done. It鈥檚 a beauty. Next stop look for later Constellations/De Ville鈥檚 with the ultra thin 712 movement, probably Omega鈥檚 best ever automatic movement, at that point you have reached peak Omega.

Incredibly good looking watch. Enjoy it!

Looks great. Is this a 70鈥檚 model? The case shape makes me thing 70鈥檚.

Beautiful 馃ぉ


Looks great. Is this a 70鈥檚 model? The case shape makes me thing 70鈥檚.

I believe so. Did some research and found one that looks like it could be from 鈥67, but it does look similar to a majority of the models from the 70鈥檚

That is a magnificent piece! Congratulations!