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Kurono Tokyo ... a small collection

Having seen two other mentions of Kurono Tokyo in the last few days, I thought that I'd put this out. This is the only brand that I have a 'collection...

Lord Marvel

Lord Marvel Hi Beat 36,000

Atelier Wen Perception Piao

The blue one. New watch. Love the dial & colour, the 40mm size, less than 10mm thick so very wearably thin.

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commented on Show me your favorite 3 watch collection. ยท

To me this reads Play/ Out โ€” Work โ€” Holiday/ Garden

commented on SOTC ยท

The two Glycine s for me.

I see that these are in the keeper section for the moment!

commented on Who Else Has 6.6" Wrists? ยท

What s the Duro diameter?

I'm 6.5 and find 41mm is max that I'm comfortable with, but it may be different if there's a thinning bezel edge then I might look at 42mm.


commented on I can't decide on my next watch. Help! ยท


commented on Rolex Market Update ยท

No, not for the yachtmsster. They do have my deposit money for a Snoopy Speedy but no sign of that

commented on Rolex Market Update ยท

Best of luck.

In waiting on the rhodium dial 40mm. Called in again to the AD recently after 2 years, he brought the admin girl out from the office to ask why it hadn't been delivered, and more pointedly, why I was marked down as an order fulfilled. I'm hoping that they are getting it together.

commented on Rolex Market Update ยท

I always thought that rolex has a no deposit policy. Have you heard of others?