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Timetworule ·

1969 Rolex datejust model 1603 calibre 1570

I've inherited this watch from my late uncle and it needs a service badly but after I do that can I put this watch on a watch winder? Any info would b...
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Cartier Santos Dumont.

Long story short, l have always wanted a cartier watch cause of the history and the prestige of the brands, so l decide to get the cartier santos for...
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Timetworule ·

3 watches total $5,000cdn here are my picks (retail prices)

1 dress, 1 diver/gmt and 1 everyday. Tissot prx for my dress. Oris big Crown pointer date for everyday. Christopher Ward C60 anthropocene gmt.
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Mistermac ·

State of the collection

Here is the state of my collection. Had to put my Eco drives and solars on the windowsill to charge and need to organize them. I have had some of thes...
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OmegaXRolex ·

My top 4 favorite watches in my collection

Which one is your favorite?
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Timetworule ·

Wait more than a year for Rolex wimbledon or just get Omega speedmaster right now

I've waited 8 months already for the Rolex Wimbledon and honestly getting tired of waiting. I love the Omega Speedmaster and can get it RIGHT now if I wanted.
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OmegaXRolex ·

I hate how Rolex doesn't have display caseback

I hate how Rolex doesn't have a display caseback. There are so many fake Rolex out in the market, and not being able to see the caseback to see the mo...
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MWC2020 ·

Best Watches Under £200 in 2022!

This was fun to make! You can find tremendous value if you want to go looking! What would be your favourite watch you own that cost under 200 bucks?!;...
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TheJoker007 ·

Should Casio bring back this classic Military Diver?

Hey everyone hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Now while I was looking up vintage Casio dive watches I came across the Casio MD 707 Military Dive...
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K.evin ·

Watch photographers of WatchCrunch, where did you start?

It wasn't until I began collecting watches and digesting content that I started to understand photography as an art form. There's technique involved i...
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