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Watch problem!

So I had a 💩load of “drama” today and kinda quit my job. I won this auction for this Anonimo this early afternoon even before that happened. So I go...

Is there a watch that you just don't get?

Time to get sacrilegious folks! Is there an iconic or universally loved watch that you just don't get? For me it's the Submariner, particularly a mode...

Current state of the collection.

Montblanc Heritage GMT Junghans Meister Chronoscope Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Hamilton Intramatic Chronograph Mido Multifort Patrimony Hamilton K...

Meetup: GS9 Members Only 😞 Grand Seiko/ Suntory Whisky Tasting Event

RSVP required for GS9 club members, and doesn’t look it allows any +1’s. Just posting as a PSA for any Crunchers in GS9 to check their email. Let me know if this isn’t appropriate to post and I’ll del...
Dec 7
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Thu, December 7 · 6:00 PM PST

Seamaster GMT on a red rubber strap

Blessing you all with the Omega Seamaster 300m GMT 50th Anniversary 2534.50 on a red rubber strap from Crafter Blue!

Which caseback should i use for this watch?

(FYI, the image is not my own) Hey guys, gals, and those in between! I’m thinking about getting this dressy number of a Vostok, but the caseback art feels out of place. It has a tank on it lol. I woul...
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Which Baltany?

Going to grab a vintage inspired Baltany but can't decide between these two! They are both the same price, near identical specs but very different looks. Watched a few reviews on both and feel I would...
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Do I need a watch winder for my affordable automatic watches?

I Need advise do I need a watch winder for my automatic machinical watches. These are affordable budget peices. Let me know what you think 🤔 ?

What's Your Elevator Pitch?

Imagine this: You are in an elevator and a teenager with his/her iphone & apple watch enters the elevator. Your watch (real watch not the apple ju...

What's the strategy?

Some watch fans have very firm ideas about how watches should be collected. Theirs is the best way, no discussion and if you disagree, you're wrong. But here on Crunch, I think we're a more varied and...
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