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Munky1 ·


Just wait for a few days and someone is bound to bring up the idea of 'soul'. Apparently, automatic watches have one (or it) but quartz watches do not...
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watstoki ·

Watch Art

My digital art tribute to the Rolex Submariner “Hulk“ The dial technically looks more like a Kermit, However, Kermit isn’t as cool. Just for fun celeb...
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Timetworule ·

Rolex or Zenith

I need some opinions. I really want the new Rolex AK 126900 but the wait time is craazy! My AD says at least 6-12 month wait at least with no exact da...
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Blagoev ·

My first "smart" watch

I don't like smarwatches! I don't like that you have to charge them everyday, i don't like the screens, i don't like the raise to wake function, i don...
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Leonwim ·

What does that show on the Grand Seiko?

Is it like the moon phases or what? I love how it looks, really fits to the rest of the watch but don't understand what it represents.
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PeterKotsa ·

How many watches do you wear in ONE day ?

Am I only the only who feels strange, or do others wear multiple watches during the SAME DAY ?
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Timetworule ·

New Cartier Santos

Do you think the new Cartier Santos white dial with blue pvd bezel be your centre piece of your watch collection?
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Luca_WTC ·

What is a daily watch? What does make it a daily watchedwatch? Are only sport watches considered daily watches?

I wear vintage watches everyday with a leather crocodile strap without any problems (just to clarify I don't wear suits everyday). I think all watches...
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RaillmasterDenim ·

First and Probably only post

Hello, I'm new to watch chrunch, I'm not really a watch collector, but I loved and wore watches since a little kid. I only have one "big" watch that y...
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Leonwim ·

Is there a possibility to buy a pre-owned Grand Seiko under $1000?

I really love Grand Seiko Watches, but sadly I don't have the money to buy one, because I'm a student. Is there a possibility to buy a pre-owned Grand...
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