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Nivada Grenchen to Release Salmon Dial Chronoking Variant

Nivada Grenchen today announced it is spawning a gorgeous salmon dial variant of the Chronoking that, based on the initial teaser image above, looks l...

Nivada Grenchen Announces Bronze Depthmaster

Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster fans can rejoice in the just announced bronze variant, which launches May 29 for $1,750 USD. This one features the iconic...

Nivada Grenchen Previews Gorgeous Salmon Dial Antarctic at Windup SF!

At the Windup Fair in San Francisco this weekend, Nivada Grenchen surprised everyone with a preview of a stunning salmon dial addition to their recent...

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commented on New Video. The Lorca Model Nr 1 GMT ·

Nice video! I am a big fan of Lorca and its founder and love this piece in both the black and silver dial variants. Totally agree that it combines the best elements of vintage and contemporary design and has a really strong wrist presence. I can't wait for the release of their new chronograph later this year, which I had a chance to see and try on at Windup SF and it is equally beautiful. 💯 🎯

commented on Nivada Grenchen to Release Salmon Dial Chronoking Variant ·

Me too! 😍

commented on Sun, summer and lapis lazuli is an awesome combo ·

Love it! Congratulations! 💯 🎯

commented on Nivada Grenchen to Release Salmon Dial Chronoking Variant ·

Yes, it will feature the VK63 movement.

commented on Nivada Grenchen ·

In speaking at Windup SF with Guillaume Laidet, head of Nivada Grenchen, the brand is well aware of the challenges overseas distribution to the U.S. present. They are now working to remedy the situation - hopefully this year - and begin distributing watches directly from within the U.S. to those who purchase them from the states.

As for the issues you encountered with the Antarctic, unless you have already done so I highly recommend contacting their customer service folks. I have not encountered any quality or manufacturing issues in the two watches I have purchased from Nivada Grenchen and found their representatives to be timely in their responses and helpful with any questions I have ever had.

commented on Nivada Grenchen ·

This issue is not exclusive to Nivada Grenchen. Any watch you purchase from an overseas entity over a certain amount will trigger import duties. I experienced this when purchasing a Nivada Grenchen watch about a year ago but it is also true with any other foreign brand.

Thanks, @AllTheWatches, for clarifying that Nivada Grenchen is part of the Montrichard Group, which represents Excelsior Park, Vulcain and a couple other brands as you mentioned. The current incarnation of Nivada Grenchen does not purport to be based in Switzerland but does use Swiss made movements for some - but not all - of their watches. I think the confusion may come from the brand's legacy as being founded in Switzerland in 1926.

commented on Fear of making a mistake and making my first big purchase. ·

The Antarctic gets my vote too! Note that Nivada Grenchen is releasing a salmon dial version this fall if that makes a difference to you.

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