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Collaboration designs sacrifice design for marketing: Hemel/Islander Check Six is poster child

I was curious. I picked up the Hemel/Islander ‘Check Six’ field watch. I’m a self proclaimed field watch officionado (not to mention I’m a sucker for...

Seiko Arnie owners…need your advice.

I’ve seen two versions of the Arnie. One with the digital display at the 6o’clock and the other with the display at the 12 o’clock. Are there any othe...

Vintage Glycine Vacuum

I'm not a fan of purchasing vintage watches. I would consider my metric for purchasing very simple: make sure the watch runs, buy from a reputable sel...

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commented on How often do you use the chrono function in real life? ·

I use it weekly if not more.

commented on What do you think of my Lobinni L16071. I don't like the band I am going to get a bracelet. It's 43mm with a 22mm band width. I do wish it had seconds hands though. ·

It looks like the tri-hand is your seconds hand. The color key above it tells you what Triad of the 60second interval it’s showcasing. For example, the red indicates no additional adding is necessary…read the what the red indicator/tip says. When the green indicator/tip is on the scale, add 20seconds. When the yellow indicator/tip is over the scale, add 40seconds to what is being shown.

commented on dude_man_bro_123's WRUW ·

Killer watch

commented on dt1202's WRUW ·

CA53…one of the three Casio Icons ! Congrats.

commented on Drowning_in_Digitals's WRUW ·

Classic late 80s watch! Love it.

commented on Mistermac's WRUW ·

Love the data bank 611!! I had one when I was in HS in the late 80s. DBC series is THE best traveling watch…when one is actually traveling. I keep all my important phone numbers there: hotel, insurance hotline, bank phone number, mechanic, tow service, Embassy when traveling abroad, local law enforcement, etc.

commented on relyt29's WRUW ·

One of the great values in Casio: ‘Greyman’ W800

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FULL REVIEW Casio DBC32: THE Best EDC Traveling Watch, BONUS How To

Can a new watch plug up your rotation? …wait for it…

Then it hit me…. “Watches are like fiber, the more you have, the more movements you get.” (This might be poster-hung-in-the-garage worthy).

DizzyHands where’s the reply?

Deleted and blocked after I engaged in his post. Theres no genuine desire to discuss or debate, just protect your opinion from evaluation or scrutiny....

To Nerd or not to Nerd

Are we nerds because we own and have used the pilot watch slide rule? or decades I viewed pilot watches with the E6B slide rule as excessive functiona...