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The What-if Watch...

This is the Casio Duro that probably needs no introduction. For the uninitiated, this watch is an icon in its own right in watchdom. This Diver can ac...

World Turtle Day

Recently, my son gave me a toy turtle as a gift. Kinda reminded me of my little pet turtle when I was a kid... My turtle pet's name was Nono... Cause...

Seagull Star Hunter Series 40mm Merak Dial Mechanical Automatic Watch

Hmm, quite a looker... eh, guys? πŸ˜‰

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commented on Wife gave me the green light to buy my next piece! But there’s an asterisk… Β·

Get the Orient Ray II + Bambino Version 3. Keep the rest of the money + treat her to a nice dinner n you'll still have money left over to top up the next watch for your 31st BD. Forget about the Rolex. 😁

commented on The What-if Watch... Β·

One of the few reasons is that in spite of its price, it's really usable for a dive n moddable. N in spite of its size, the dial isn't 44mm. That's why some wrists are still able to carry it off... Then of course, some just simple love the look, the clicky bezel, n the way straps go with it.

commented on The What-if Watch... Β·

Ikr... I'd love to get it witha Diver's 200M n at least a Miyota 9000 series movement though... 😁

commented on The What-if Watch... Β·

I have been... But not this one yet though... πŸ€” Thanks, I'll check it out. 😁

commented on World Turtle Day Β·

Ooohhh yes, the Certina DS... I was looking at some of their watches recently. Love that turtle 🐒 emblem on the back. 😁

commented on Casio MTP-1298D-7BVDF Β·

Me too mate... There isn't that many watches that I'd call cute n still wanna wear it too... 😁

commented on Square Circle... Circular Square? Β·

Indeed, I've never really contemplated a Fossil before as well... Until I saw this watch. 😁

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Casio MTP-1298D-7BVDF

Ooohhh, what a cutie. 😁 I like the retro look n vibes... Wait a minute, what am I talking about... This is a retro piece!! 😁 Now then, where's my co...

Square Circle... Circular Square?

Saw a friend's watch recently n even he was kinda surprised that he bought this watch... He was looking at something else in a shop but then he saw......

Spinnaker Cahill

Recently spotted this little cutie... Anyone has any experience to share? Would love to hear your views n wearing experience?

The Green Emerald Lantern Corp... I mean... Watch

On the brightest day In the blackest night Each part manifests... A totally different side While Lush Verdant hues of Emeralds Hide in brightly lumed...

Who Made Who, Exactly?

If you think that the Daytona is cool That's because Zenith held the key For without its El Primero The Daytona would not come to be

Orient Chicane... The Watch that is Almost Invisible

This is probably the second YouTube video on the Orient Chicane line of watches... That I've seen in a long while... Thanks to Addicted to Watches. An...