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Would you wear a Vostok since Feb 24th 2022?

Above is my Vostok Komandirskie GMT originally purchased in 2019. In many aspects it is an exceptional watch for the price and for 2 years at least it was my goto beater. However, despite my appreciat...
15 votes ยท

Henry Archer Nordso Tempest - Blue Meteorite Dial

For those of you who like their divers on the less than chunky side, this 40mm bit of wrist candy is 10.5 mm thick! It's currently my only choice as a...

My Rolex Air King 114210 - Explorer Dial

Rolex Air King 114210 Blue Sunburst Dial. Same movement as the Explorer1 but (and this is just my humble opinion) a touch more class. Wears fabulously...

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commented on ManyWatchesOnly2Wrists's WRUW ยท

Oh Bravo! Brilliant Brainy Blue Bambino Banter !!๐Ÿ˜‚

commented on Guvnor64's WRUW ยท

The blue BB58 is my next Grail. Love Tudor divers, just perfect as far as I am concerned.

commented on Guvnor64's WRUW ยท

Love the bund strap choice. Also, it won't surprise you to hear the khaki mechanical has been on my "want" list for some time now. Excellent choice sir!

commented on ManyWatchesOnly2Wrists's WRUW ยท

Oh no, I have just looked at your WRUW's and now my "no more watches this year" resolve has flown out of the window. Meeting someone with similar taste is fatal for the bank account ๐Ÿ˜‚

commented on Would you wear a Vostok since Feb 24th 2022? ยท

An excellent comment and despite the outcome of the poll, this is actually the conclusion I settled on too. I don't think any one of the approaches was right or wrong but it was interesting getting the opinions of my fellow Crunchers ๐Ÿค—

commented on ManyWatchesOnly2Wrists's WRUW ยท

It appeared in 2019 and incredibly well priced considering it was an in house GMT movement with power reserve and date. Inexplicably it then disappeared in 2020 (I think it was under cutting their more expensive Orient Star range) so now you can only occasionally find them second hand on E-Bay for more than I paid new? It's a funny old world ๐Ÿค—

commented on Iโ€™m just going to say it - the ND Limits dive strap is the greatest strap ever made ยท

Wait.... You mean you use your dive watch for actual diving???? It will never catch on.