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Scuba Guy down!

Broke a spring bar* somewhere between Aviemore and Inverness and stopped in to a jeweler to get a replacement. In and out of the shop in about 90 seco...

You get the idea…

Less than an hour until kickoff!

New Bulova Field/Military Automatic

I posted two polls to get some help picking a daily driver for my vacation to Scotland next week and along the way I found this watch and ignored the...

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commented on Zombie 🧟 apocalypse is upon us, what watch would wear while leaving the rest of your collection?? ·

No brainer. Solar, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, compass, etc.

commented on Can a bad name sink a watch? ·

I’ve never been put off by the name of a watch, but in terms of what was printed on the dial- absolutely! I’d just about decide to buy a Thorn 50 Fathoms clone when I saw that- for reasons I cannot comprehend- they had printed “Exploration Road” underneath the depth rating. Whut?!

commented on rara_avis's WRUW ·

Hadn’t really noticed the wear and dings around the bezel, but I’m kinda proud of them- hard earned!

commented on You get the idea… ·

Yeah, we’re not out of the woods yet- 6pts clear of Livi and automatic relegation, but I’ve no desire to stay up via penalties in the playoffs again this year!

commented on You get the idea… ·

Ross County v. Livingston. County tried to give it away after going up 2-0, but won it with a goal in injury time. Heading down to Aviemore for a few days, but then back up to Dingwall for St. Mirren on Tuesday night.

commented on Which dial colour do you NOT have in your collection ? ·

Orange...and I'm not proud of that.

commented on What’s the one thing you LOVE about being a watch collector? ·

Hmm… finding a watch I love and that almost nobody else has even heard of, until a random stranger says, “Whoa! Is that…?!” And then I nod sagely, “Yes, it is.”

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After putting up two polls I ignored the results and bought this…

Bulova field/military watch (96A259 38mm stainless steel case 18mm nylon band 2x domed mineral crystal Automatic My first Bulova Got it for $170 which...

Vacation Watch Poll: Second Try

A few things happened... -The Vaer Field Watch won...and when I went to order it, it was sold out. -I left a watch off the poll, but that's okay, because... -...I replaced it with the Citizen. -I remo...
55 votes ·

Help Me Decide!

My vacation starts in a week and I'm thinking of grabbing myself a little something before I go... A few things to consider -Both the Vaer's come with two bands. -Is the San Martin too small at 37mm?...
48 votes ·

What do you buy?

I'm sure this has been done to death over the years, but I'm new so here goes: You've got $150- what watch do you buy? New? Used? Full retail? On sale...

Share your swag!!

Does anyone else seek out things like this? I found someone on Redbubble (Etsy?) who was offering these and it was more than I could resist!

Attention Scottish Crunchers!

If anyone is interested in a casual watch-related hang I’ll be in Scotland on a working holiday from February 22 through March 4. Mostly I’ll be in th...