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Love of Seiko/Citizen

Most are not too expensive but I just can鈥檛 help collecting those two brands.

New love in town

Just bought this it just feels right on the wrist. The simplicity just works. The color, the packaging is cool. Well done,KUOE.

Older watches

Love older Seiko鈥檚 but starting to really like pulsars.

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commented on Alsta

Love that watch. Really cool stand think I see a side gig for you

commented on Escapement Time Type B Flieger

Love that strap . Cool looking

commented on Vescari Chestor Panda edition chronograph

Love the bracelet

commented on Hot off the Press! Citizen Tsuyosa Small Seconds

I keep saying it , Citizens design and finish products are spot on right now.

commented on Sometimes the watch is just wholly inappropriate 馃槑

Exactly throw that bike away and immediately get into an Aston Martin. You鈥檙e welcome 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

commented on Springtime Watch Recommendations

Same here in New Hampshire , sucks

commented on Daughters opinion!

I want that watch . Keep looking and looking tough purchase though reviews have got me questioning it.

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Buddy picked up at flea market. I rather like the look . Anyone got a knowledge on this brand.

Omega experts

Just discovered this in my mom鈥檚 picture box( she passed away years ago). Real or fake?

Super cub

Love the look , so I had no will power. 馃槀 馃槀 馃槀

New Hampshire

Looking for a great watch place or places in New Hampshire.


Felt good, traded Invicta that was way too big and definitely not my style. ( was a gift) for 2 watches that I will wear. Everyone wins.

On my mind

Read all the reviews of - overpriced- bulky- needs refinement. But I still want it there鈥檚 just something about it. Anyone else have a watch that just...